Achan Urangatha Veedu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 27 February 2006

Movie Title

Achan Urangatha Veedu


Lal Jose

Star Cast

Salim Kumar, Usha, Suja Karthika, Samvrutha, Mukta

It is one of the most realistic films in recent times that is powerful, poignant and painful which leaves the audience with a lump in their throat. Lal Jose has brilliantly brought out the seamy side of young girls abducted used by lecherous men, thrown into prostitution racket and left to rot.

Lal Jose has shown the agony and pain of a helpless father of three beautiful daughters, caught in the power play of the rich, policemen with no human feelings and judiciary that goes with circumstantial evidence which are all hyped by the media and the guilty going scot free- are all well etched out by the director.

The story is set in a hilly district of Idukki where Samuel (Salim Kumar), an employee of Electricity Board single handedly brings up his three daughters (Suja Karthika, Samvruta ,Mukta) after his wife (Usha) dies. Sekharan (Murali) is Samuel?s best friend and Lissamma (Mukta) is the apple of his eye. Samuel has a lot of dream about Lisamma who one day goes missing from school!

Samuel and Sekharan finds out that she was scared to come home with a disappointing progress report card and has elope with a young man who is the son of a rich bus owner. But soon Lissamma who is sexually exploited by over 40 men all rich and powerful is found by the police. Samuel brings her home and his life is shattered when the police, media and public makes life more miserable for him. Finally after the trial, the court lets the men go free as there is no evidence and the film ends on a depressing note.

On the downside, the film is too melancholic and morbid for an average viewer. The negative ending makes the film too dark and foreboding. However with Salim Kumar?s best ever performance along with others makes the film realistic and bold. Among the cast it is Murali and the new girl Mukta who are extraordinary. The music and background score of Alex Paul plus the camera of Manoj Pillai are commendable.

Lal Jose is not only a committed director but one of the better story tellers in Malayalam. The entire story is based on the Suryanelli sex scandal which rocked Kerala a few years back. He has to be applauded for not showing a single sexual escapade scene on screen making it a good family film.

Verdict: Very Good

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