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Saturday 24 April 2004

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Madhavan, Sada, Vivek, Rahman

The good old, near extinct genre - black comedy - is back in K.S.Ravikumar directed Aethiree. Maddy has finally been able to be part of a sparkling comedy-action film where he plays ?bottle? Mani adequately supported by Vivek. Together they bring the house down with Delhi Ganesh, Kanika and others. (See pictures: On the sets of `Aethiree`)

Ravikumar is a past master at making light-hearted comedies and in Aethiree he has successfully mixed comedy and action as the film moves at a fast pace.

Natarajan (Delhi Ganesh) is a typical Brahmin house-owner near Mylapore temple looking for a decent tenant for the upper portion of his house. He has a beautiful daughter Gayathri (Kanika) whom he is very protective of. He often gets nightmares about the prospective tenant romancing his nubile daughter.

Unfortunately he rents the house to five students who pretend to be nice guys and later become big nuisance for the father and daughter. On the advice of ?auto? (Vivek) Natarajan brings Subramani (Maddy) who masquerades himself as ?bottle? Mani, a dreaded ?dada? to evict the tenants. But Mani befriends the five guys and starts staying with them, which creates more problems for the owners.

Priya (Sada) is the daughter of a rich and affluent mobster (Fefsi Vijayan) who is engaged to a sadistic ACP (Rahman). Priya does not like the ACP and she runs away from the marriage to be accidentally kidnapped by Mani and gang. Now Priya too stays in the same house and the rest of the story is about how Mani falls in love with her and protects her from a cruel father and an entire police force.

Maddy has come out with a first class performance whether he is wreaking vengeance or playing to the gallery. He has shed the rugged looks which he had been following in the recent films to look dashing and debonair especially in song sequences. He runs riot and is endearing as ever, never mind his tendency to grimace excessively at times.

Vivek is equally good and his take-off on various film personalities brings the house down. Delhi Ganesh as Nataraja Iyer and Kanika as Gayathri are outstanding. Rahman as the sadistic cop is revetting while Sada is just ok. Yuvan?s music is fast and the picturisation is good. On the whole Ravikumar has churned out a hilarious film for the entire family.

Verdict: Entertainer

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