After being trolled by Mammootty fans again, Parvathy adds a 'sir'!!

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 12, 2018 10:36 hrs

Ever since she mentioned Mammootty’s Kasaba as an example for misogyny in Malayalam films, during the Open Forum at last year end’s IFFK, actress Parvathy has been the target of the superstar’s fans. 

When the teaser of My Story, starring Prithviraj and Parvathy came out, it got many dislikes and it was believed as an aftereffect of the war. 

My Story team then did a smart move by launching the trailer of the forthcoming film by Mammootty. 

So the story had a happy end, did you believe? 

Not really. Parvathy was at the receiving end of trolls by Mammootty fans when she wrote, “Thank you Mammootty for sharing the trailer of our movie My Story.” 

The fans of the veteran superstar were angry that she called him Mammootty, while her co-star Prithviraj mentioned the superstar, lovingly as Mammukka.

After a while, Parvathy corrected her note as “Thank You Mammootty sir”. Hope the fans of the superstars are happy now!

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