Akka Thangi

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 8 December 2008

Movie Title

Akka Thangi



Star Cast

Shruthi, Rashmi, Mohan, Kishore

Director of repute S.Mahender has brought some cheer to people who were complaining that there is a dearth of a quality film. For him, the support of his star wife Shruthi and committed producer Ramesh Yadav come forward to churn out a neat family package with solid content.

The folk song in Kannada Dharani Mandala Madhyadholege?.a famous dance drama tale too in Karnataka culture is well known as 'Punyakoti' song has been adapted to social format of fight over evil by good deeds. The selection of cast, new diction of Kannada, the locations, lovely songs, cinematography are in high standards.

The protagonist here in 'Akka Thangi' is Naagi (Shruthi) who believes in 'Truth' and propagate it too in the film. She is the eldest in the family and her sole intention in life is to make her sister Cauvery (Rashmi) a doctor. They poor villagers but sheer commitment of Naagi, her sacrificing nature even at the cost of marriage for sister leads to a quite comfortable situation.

Cauvery tops the II PUC examinations and she is all set to get admission for MBBS. At this pivotal stage, Cauvery sees a brutal killing by Huliyappa in daylight. She falls unconscious and treated by the doctors says blood clot in the brain. That puts down the courage of Naagi but the villagers bail her out with Rs.2 lakh for the operation.

This money is robbed in the big bad city and Naagi is left with only one option to approach Huliyappa. The demand of Huliyappa is Naagi should marry him in exchange of money. Naagi accepts and her sister Cauvery is treated in the hospital. When Naagi comes forward to marry Huliyappa the entire village opposes it.

Naagi is hell bent on marrying Huliyappa but all hell breaks out in the marriage hall. Huliyappa becomes a very small man in front of the truth and loyalty of Naagi. He sets her free realizing the importance of truth to marry Shivalingu who is waiting for her.

In the 'Punyakoti' song the cow promises the tiger to be its flesh after feeding its calf. It comes back according to the promise and stands in front of the tiger. Tiger prefers to die rather than killing the cow for the flesh for it loyalty and truthfulness. Similarly, Naagi comes and stands in front of Huliyappa and agrees to marry against all odds. Huliyappa salutes her truthfulness and sets her free and he also transform in life.

The beauty of this film is the narration in a convincing manner which will appeal to all. The film belongs to Shruthi as it showcases the potentiality of this talented actress.. Rashmi deserved to be better in the sister role. Mohan and Sharan are good in their roles. The rural Kannada accent of Kollegal, MM Hills is maintained throughout the film.

There is one song Badavanadare enu priya?.. written by Satyananda Patrota very good in lyrics. V.Manohar has added two more lovely songs. Suresh Babu is too good behind the camera. All in all- A must watch film for family.

Verdict ? Above average

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