'Akshay Kumar an expert pick-pocket!'

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 04:29 hrs

We knew Akshay Kumar was a prankster, but we never knew he was a pick-pocket, too!

Akshay's Joker co-star Anjan Srivastava revealed the actor's more nefarious talents recently.

"He is such a smooth operator that you will not realise something is missing from your pocket, wrist or arm after he goes into action," said Anjan in an interview. "It could be a watch or a pair of spectacles, nothing is difficult for him to whisk away."

Anjan also revealed a couple of 'thieving' anecdotes. While shooting a scene in Joker, where he had to shake Akshay's hand, a production man pointed out after a few takes that there was a lack of continuity because Anjan's watch was missing.

"I didn't realise that Akshay had taken my watch. I continued shooting without it," he said. "Another time, it was my glasses. When I asked him, he said very innocently that he is my well-wisher and that he wanted to keep my expensive things safe."

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