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Ala Modalaindi

Olave Mandara
Shrikanth, Akanksha Manasurkar, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sundar, Sharan
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Ala ModalaindiA young chap Gautham (Nani) is on his way to Bangalore to stop his girlfriend`s marriage. En route, he is kidnapped by John (Ashish Vidhyardhi).

Gautham tells him that he works with a TV channel. He was earlier in love with a girl (Kriti) who she ditches him for a doctor. On the wedding day of his former girl friend, he meets a drunken girl Nitya (Nitya Menon) who happens to be the former girlfriend of the doctor.

Soon friendship blossoms between Nitya and Gautham. As the days pass by, Gautham falls in love with Nitya and when he is about to propose, enters Nitya's fiancée. More such twists and turns follow till the climax. In the end, will Gautham and Nitya meet or separate forever?

Nandini Reddy`s plot is simple but her screenplay is knitted with many twists and turns and that makes the movie a pleasant watch.

At the end of the interval, Asish Vidyaradhi says: "Nee Katha Param routine Gaa undi" (your story is very predictable) and we get the same feeling at that juncture but post interval the movie gets even more interesting.

The movie bores you sometimes and gets funny towards the end.

Naani brings some verve to the dull moments with his performance. But his beard and looks are not consistent.

Nitya Menon scores in performance although she is not that glamorous. But she should have chosen better clothes. But the real scene-stealer is Ramesh who plays the role of drunkard software engineer looking for a job.

He is hilarious and livens up the scenes with his perfect coming timing. Ashish Vidhyaradhi also provides good comedy in the end. Director Uppalapati Narayana Rao is okay in the role of the father.

After a long gap, we see Rohini (plays mother to Naani) in this movie. Chaitanya, Sneha Ullal and Kriti play cameo roles and they have done justice to their small roles.

On technical front, the movie is dogged by bad visuals. Arjun Jena's camera work is unimpressive. Two songs by Kalyani Malik are good to ears.

Lakshmi Bhoopal's dialogues are effective. As a director Nandini Reddy shows spark in handling comedy scenes. Like her guru, she has also extracted some cute expressions from the heroine.

Ala Modalaindi can be watched once for its comedy in the second half. The twists and turns are also novel. But on the whole, it is just an average flick.

Rating: 3/5


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