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Harshika Poonachcha, Tanush, Aviva Bidapa
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Had the producer of ‘Ale’ not made noise over actress Harshika Poonachcha abstaining from the promotion of the movie, the release would have gone unnoticed. For, the story is so hackneyed that audience are forced to put together the pieces of puzzle before realising that it is the same old topic.

The hero has no job other than tracking the heroine, who thinks he is love-struck. After trying hard, the heroine thinks she has found genuine love. Just when the audience feel that the story is on track the flashback version starts. The director has given much more than the audience can chew for two hours and twenty five minutes.

The movie is loaded with character actors. Of course, talented actors, such as Biradar, Chandrashekar and Ramakrishna have been underutilized. The least said the better about Harshika, who seems to have forgotten the basics of acting and histrionics. At several places, she tries to make it evident that she is the protagonist, but that was not required. Tansuh has a long way to go though he excels in the action scenes. In terms of screen presence, Aviva, daughter of fashion icon Prasad Bidapa, has made an impressive debut.

The major highlight of 'Ale' is the melodious music by Manomurthy. However, the storyline does not complete the music. The maestro could have lent the songs to movies featuring ‘A’ list actors rather than Ale, which fails to create an impression. It is definitely a movie to be watched only by the die-hard fans of Harshika.

Verdict: Below Average


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