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Sunday 7 September 2008

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Krishna, Janani. Prakash Raj

A lot was expected out of Alibaba- launchpad of Krishna, ace director Vishnuvardhan's brother as an action hero, Neelam.K.Sekhar's directorial debut and home production of 'Pattiyal' Sekhar, Vishnu and Krishna's father. But the film after a racy start falters towards the end.

The script is intelligently written, the twists are great but the film does not deliver mainly because Krishna is in a hurry to be recognized as an action hero.

The heroine Janani has only one single expression throughout the film and is a minus. Vidyasagar's music is a total letdown, there is not even one hummable song in the entire album, and re-recording has been done in a hurry.

Anyway the good thing about the film is the interesting first half- Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) is a seasoned thief who knows the art of stealing without using any violent methods.

His son Velu (Krishna) and two other friends assist him in all his ventures. Meanwhile young women are getting killed mysteriously, a DCP (Azhagarperumal) is in charge, but the commissioner (Biju Menon) is not happy with the developments and takes over the investigation.

At the same time Velu during one of his con jobs falls for Jananai (Jananai), a girl working in a bank One day Velu hits pay dirt when he finds while withdrawing money from a ATM, that there is Rs five lakhs in his account which soon becomes 80 lakhs.

Subramaniam smells a rat, and suspects that his son is being made a fall guy. When they start investigating Subramaniam is killed and a murder spree starts leading to a climax.

The first half is neat and slickly made, but the second half drags as the director probably at the instance of the producer changes track. The second half is nothing but an excuse to make Krishna a larger-than-life hero, the frail looking guy who fights a dozen hefty goons at one go, making it difficult for the audiences to digest.

However to be fair, the fight scenes are superbly choreographed by veteran stunt master Thyagarajan. Dhinesh Kumar's camera to a certain extent has made it believable.

On the whole Neelan definitely has the stuff in him, for a first timer his screenplay and narration is impressive, but towards the end goes overboard. Krishna has miles to go before he can be accepted as an action hero.

Verdict- OK

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