All eyes on Ramcharan Tej's flick

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 19, 2008 06:20 hrs

With Megastar Chiranjeevi turning to fulltime politics, it’s now for Ramcharan Tej to shoulder the stardom legacy of his dad. There is a lot of curiosity in the industry circles as to what is happening in the unit of his latest film with Rajamouli.

Currently, the shoot is on, very discreetly. The title of the film will most likely be Dheerudu and though it has a resemblance to Chiranjeevi's old film Magadheerudu', the genre of the two movies are quite a contrast.

Reports say that Dheerudu has more to do with the past life and reincarnation theory and though Charan might be seen sporting a Levis jean, there will be scenes where he would be wielding swords or riding horses. The leading lady for the film is none other than the naughty seductress Kajal Agarwal and both Kajal and Ramcharan are working under the strict eye of Rajamouli.

While some are of mixed views when the genre has been told to them, the wise folks say that it will be a challenge to Rajamouli to keep up with the mass image that Ramcharan had developed with his debut film 'Chirutha' if he is divulging into a different subject. For now, the first good sign is the unfortunate leakage of the clipping on the youtube that has shown to folks as to how proficient and breath taking the scenes have been.

There is also a talk that a leaf or two has been taken out from Gladiator and Ramcharan would be seen as a solo warrior who fights for honor and then this has been mixed with the Tollywood flavours. Also, an interest is being expressed over the sentiment touch of Rajamouli since he has the habit of coming up with one divine element in his movies. This has happened in 'Chatrapathi' and then it was seen in 'Yamadonga' too.

Overall, the menu seems to offer a tale of revenge with past birth and off late, there have been movies like that with 'Om Shanti Om' 'Three' 'Karzzzz' and many more in the pipeline. What remains to be seen is how different will this be from the rest of the movies and will Rajamouli be able to deliver another hit without losing his score of 100% success.