All things sizzling & dramatic in Jism 2 trailers

Last Updated: Sat, Sep 01, 2012 04:23 hrs

Pooja Bhatt bypassed the censor board and released two sizzling tracks from upcoming film Jism 2 on Twitter. And it's everything she promised it would be and more.

The first track that gives us a glimpse of what lies in store takes us to the lush green landscape of Sri Lanka. There you find Sunny Leone in skimpy nothings for her debut Bollywood film.

Complete with heaving bosoms she gives acting her best shot. She may be struggling with her screen presence but she more than makes up for it by romancing the camera with her drop dead gorgeous frame.

Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh also toe the brief and give into acts of overwhelming passion. And some of it is borderline creepy.

Both men are infatuated with Sunny's luscious curves. While Randeep rips off the sheets to admire a sleeping Sunny, Aruonday's character opts to shine a torch from toe to top in the middle of the night.

Sunny's role is partially biographical. She plays a porn star hired by an intelligence officer (Arunoday Singh) to entrap an assassin (Randeep Hooda). And it's clear both men have been snared by her honeytrap.

We're not sure though, who Sunny's character fancies. That we'll probably have to wait and watch.

The first track is the title song crooned by Azmat Ali of Junoon fame who brings gravity to the goings ons in the video.

Watch Jism 2 title track:

The second song, Abhi Abhi, sung by KK is in a lighter vein and talks about the love and sunshine Sunny's character has brought along.

Watch Abhi Abhi from Jism 2:

Both videos sign off with the tag line 'to love her is to die.' Now, that definitely makes for an intriguing plot. We may be able to ignore the melodrama for a good love triangle.

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