Ammuvagiya Naan

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 30 August 2007

Movie Title

Ammuvagiya Naan


Padma Magan

Star Cast

Parthipan, Bharati, Mahadevan

Parthiban and his director Padma Magan, has guts to do a film like Ammuvagiya Naan, at a time when other film makers are sticking to conventional and safe star driven formula movies. This one works due to tight screenplay and realistic performances from its lead actors, and good camerawork by M.S Prabhu.

It is a theme which commercial film makers are not comfortable, but the director and his team have given it a realistic look. There is a strong message in the film, how a commercial sex worker against all odds is able to transform herself into a housewife!

Rani 'Amma' (Sadhana) runs a high class brothel, with the right political connections. One day, she adopts a baby girl abandoned by a rickshaw puller and brings her up as her own daughter. The baby grows up into a beautiful and bubbly Ammu (Bharathi), the darling of Rani Amma and other inmates of the whore house.

When the time comes for her to enter the family profession, her virginity is sold to Nathan (Mahadevan), a literary figure who is in the award committee .Nathan is a sexual pervert, who tries to do sadistic things with Ammu who cries for help. Rani Amma and other inmate's rushes to her aid and brutally beat up Nathan.

Gowri Shankar (Pathiban) is a famous writer who has missed the best writer award twice at the National level. Now he is determined to win it, for which he is writing a new book based on a brothel. Gowri comes to Rani 'Amma''s brothel to write the book and slowly falls for Ammu who has now become the star call girl who charges Rs 10,000 a night!

Gowri requests Rani Amma to allow Ammu to marry him. She is reluctant to part with her star worker, but relents as the mother in her emerges. Gowri to show his sincerity gives the documents of his house, costing Rs 45 lakhs to Rani Amma! Ammu, used to a different lifestyle finds it initially difficult to adjust herself to be a house wife. Later she slowly realizes the goodness of living a dignified life, as she find that there is so much of respect and love for her husband in the society.

Meanwhile Gowri Shankar completes his masterpiece "Ammuvaagiya Naan", on the life and times of Ammu! The book is not only a best seller but also nominated for the award. Now fate intervenes cruelly, as Nathan heads the committee and he openly asks Gowri for a sexual favour- he has some unfinished business with Ammu! What happens next forms the crux of the climax.

Parthiban has come out with a subdued and brilliant performance as Gowri Shankar. The way he expresses his love to Ammu, and his cool attitude throughout the film is a welcome change from the actor's loud and crass image created by his earlier films. Bharati as Ammu for a newcomer is simply outstanding. She is able to make Ammu life like and bring the much needed understanding in her character. Sabesh-Murali's music blends with the story telling, and the background milieu with crisp editing by Suresh Urs, that makes the two hour movie racy.

In these hard-up times, writer-director Padma Magan has come out with a movie that augers well for the future of Tamil Cinema.

Verdict- Good

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