Amoolya steals the show in 'Premism' (Kannada Movie Review)

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 02, 2010 13:20 hrs

: 'Premism'; Producer: Ajay Gowda; Writer-director: Rathnaja; Camera: Anant Urs, Jnana Murthy; Composer: Hamsalekha; Cast: Amoolya, Chethan Chandra, Varun, Sunil Rao, Anant Nag, Avinash and others; Ratings: *** 1/2

'Premism' is the best film to come out from director Rathnaja's stable. He is known for making family-oriented love stories and this time too makes a fully engaging movie that will be appreciated by the young audiences.

The film is a different type of love story with a fresh treatment by the director who has also excelled in writing some good dialogues. Rathnaja shines more as a writer than the director, particularly in the second half of the film.

Young actress Amoolya steals the thunder in the film. In fact, Rathnaja has been able to get the best performances from all the artists in the film. The climax makes a big impact because of the fresh treatment. There are a couple of comedy sequences too. 'Premism' is a neat presentation and is meant for family audiences.

The basic plot itself looks interesting and the fight between the sons of two close friends working in the police force has been well narrated. The first half is certainly engaging as it has many fun-filled moments. The best thing is that story moves forward with each sequence and proceedings really look interesting.

The friendship between the police commissioner and the head constable, played by Anant Nag and Avinash respectively, is well established in the first half.

But there are some flaws. The first 30 minutes of the second half drags. Hamsalekha's music is a letdown. Some of the dialogues spoken by Amoolya towards the end looks too matured for a girl doing pre-university course. The film is 165 long. A little bit of editing in the beginning of second half may have helped.

Set in Mysore, the film revolves around two boys - Nithin and Varun who live in government accomodations as their fathers are working in police force. The two boys are always fighting, but there is a special bonding between their fathers.

Story takes an interesting turn when Amoolya comes to stay in the same colony with her brother, who is a police officer. Both the boys are attracted to her and they tell her brother about their feelings. Amoolya's brother advises them to talk to her directly.

When the two approach Amoolya, she tells them that she is already in love with another person.

Amoolya, who is still in her teens, is certainly an amazing talent that needs to be fully exploited by good directors. She also looks glamorous on screen.

Chethan Chandra and newcomer Varun too have acted very well. Anant Nag and Avinash have acted with lot of dignity. Sunil Rao is a surprise packet in the film and has done a neat job by giving a convincing performance.

'Premism' is certainly the best of Rathnaja's works so far. 'Amoolya' rocks in this film which will be a good watch for youngsters and family audience this summer.

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