Anand's 'Last Bus' to Violet hill!

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 21:06 hrs

Capturing the rare violet hill of Chikamagalur on film, director SD Anand has added another feather on his cap, by immortalizing once in twelve years phenomena on screen. 

Anand’s upcoming psychological- horror film Last Bus must not only be awaited because it is another experimental film in the industry but the director and the crew have gone beyond bounds to search for locations. The violet hill at Mudigere, Chikamagalur is the vicinity Shiradi Ghat and Charmadi Ghat, is one such example. The hill, which is covered in a blanket of violet flowers is truly an enrapturing sight and the flower is said to bloom every once every twelve years and lasts only a few hours. Anand’s brother Avinash Narasimharaju who is playing the lead role in the film, found this location and the crew simply had to have it in the film, topping the list of other brilliant locations in their list. 

In fact, the crew has given such prominence to location that they had carved out a few days of their schedule only for location scouting. When most homes they found in Chikamagalur and Kodagu declined the offer because of the fear of the horror element of the film, they set up a setting, inspired by all these homes. 

Their second priority being graphics, has also taken much of the budget and the schedule. All in all, this movie captures the beauty of Karnataka like never before and will have views that can be seen only once in a few years!