Anbu Chezhiyan's Gopuram Films issued NOC to CV Kumar!

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 28, 2017 10:28 hrs

On September 26,  Producer CV Kumar of Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum, and Iraivi fame filed a police complaint saying that despite clearing the loan amount, financier Anbu Chezhiyan refused to issue No Objection Certificate and has not returned back the furnished financial documents.

Last week, Anbu Chezhiyan’s name flashed in headlines for allegedly threatening co-producer Ashok Kumar, who lost his life by committing suicide. Now, to clear his name, Anbu Chezhiyan seems to be settling all the pending controversial cases and CV Kumar is the first one to get a major relief.

In his statement, CV Kumar said: “I have filed a complaint petition in front of commissioner of police chennai on 26th September 2017 seeking No objection certificate for release of my movie Maayavan and my financial documents given to Gopuram films from them. Further I produced necessary documents during the enquiry by the police officers .meanwhile today the advocates of Gopuram films produced the NO objection certificate in Ravi Prasad lab to release the movie maayavan and promised the return of the financial documents . While the purpose of the complaint is accomplished technically the complaint become null and void .based on this circumstance I withdrawn the complaint given on 26th September 2017. We are now into release of the movie maayavan soon . Support us to recover from all these hurdles and to grow(sic)”.

Besides producing the film, CV Kumar is also the director of Maayavan.

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