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Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar
Phaneesh S Ramanathapura
Shivarajkumar, Parvathi Menon, Arundathi Nag, Shashikumar
Vijay Prakash
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The much-awaited movie of Century Star Shivarajkumar does not disappoint.

Shivanna’s fans will love this movie for three reasons – he has undergone a complete image makeover; is superb with his performance in emotional scenes and action sequences moreover; is back in his original grooves when it comes to dancing.

The plot is complicated and becomes even more complex during the second half where it drags. The premise is about an underworld don, his revenge, his family life, love life involving sub-plots as well. There is even scope for the role of an undercover cop. Director Phaneesh has done a neat job, but has ignored few important aspects relating to editing.

At times, the movie gives an impression that the director has taken inspiration from various Hollywood blockbusters. Parvathi Menon, as the don’s love interest, is refreshing in her role.

Though Shivarajkumar sizzles in the movie, it is Arundathi Nag, who steals the show with her natural performance. The actress was last seen in a Shivarajkumar movie in Jogi, a blockbuster. In Andar Bahar too, she plays Shivarajkumar’s mother role.

Well-known playback singer Vijay Prakash has composed music for the first time and his debut project does not disappoint. The title song Andar Bahar rocks while the duet is melodious. However, going by his talent, the other songs could have been better.

The making of the movie, the costly sets, Shivanna’s image makeover and action sequences make Andar Bahar a decent project. A major highlight of the movie is cinematography by Shekar Chandrau. The movie could well be the elusive hit that the super star was looking for in the last one year.

Verdict: Entertainer


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