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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 8 June 2005

Movie Title



Seenu Vytla

Star Cast

Chiranjeevi, Rimmi Sen, Tabu, Rakshita, Prakash Raj, Pradeep Rawat,

Alas, Chiranjeevi?s much awaited Andarivadu merely evokes a hiss as the story is weak and familiar. There is nothing new as far as presentation goes and on the whole it is a damp squib. A Chiranjeevi film will work only if his larger-than-life image is given a new twist with something freash in treatment and director Seenu Vytla has not been able to provide the necessary punch.

The director?s strength has always been comedy and he should have stuck to it rather than doing a mass masala film for the superstar. Here, Chiranjeevi plays a double role as father-hard drinking mesthiri and sophisticated son who is an executive in a TV channel. Seenu should have concentrated and expanded on the father Govindarajulu character, a lovable rascal and spun the story around him.

Then Chiru would have looked his age and avoided the son character Siddhu who looks more like Govindarajulu?s brother in the film! Added to that the film lacks a powerful story or strong villain to make the proceedings interesting. The daughter-in-law character played by Rimmi Sen is not justified for taking revenge against Govindarajulu and her reason looks illogical and petty. The father-son sentiments have also not been worked out well.

The story is about Govindarajulu (Chiranjeevi) a wayward drunkard who dotes on his son Siddhu (Chiranjeevi) a cool guy who works for a TV channel. He gets his father remarried to Shanthi (Tabu), a teacher to reform him. Siddhu falls in love with Shwetha (Rimmi Sen), daughter of a contractor (Prakash Raj). But Shwetha wants to take revenge on her father-in-law as he humiliated her father at the engagement. The rest of the story is how Govindarajulu gets separated from his son due to the machinations of Swetha and how everything is sorted out in the climax.

Chiranjeevi deserves a far more suitable script and director than given by this dumb enterprise. As Govindarajulu, Chiru plays to the galleries and makes the first half of the film enjoyable with his witty one-liners. Tabu is just ok while Rimmi Sen was unable to get her expressions correctly especially in confrontation scenes. Rakshitha does a walk in role with two songs and hardly any dialogues. Pradeep Rawat, the villain is there to get beaten by the hero.

Another major drawback of Andarivadu are the songs tuned by Devi Sri Prasad that fails to impress. All songs are rehashed and the background score is from his own Tamil film Sachein. Kabir Lal?s photography is good but the graphics in the climax is tacky. The second half is too lengthy and on the whole, the film is disappointing.

Verdict: Below Average