Anegan Review

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 13, 2015 17:17 hrs

Director: KV Anand 
Producer: AGS Entertainments 
Star Cast: Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Karthik 
Music : Harris Jeyaraj 

Gorgeously shot, crisply edited, and handsomely mounted, KV Anand's Anegan is a fast paced rollicking adventure ride that is gripping till the very end. The strength of the film is its screenplay and Anand’s combination with writer duo Suresh-Suba is the single biggest reason. With Anegan, the trio come together for the fourth time.

To be precise, Anegan is an intelligent and intriguing entertainer which hits the target just like a tracer bullet. Madhu(Amyra Dastur) is a young game developer and she often get weird thoughts about her past life, doctors call it as a illusion caused by her job stress while she believes in reincarnation. To Amyra’s surprise, she meets everyone in her past life including Ashwin (Dhanush) whom she loved in her past life. Now the big question is, which part is reality and which is Amyra’s imagination? Well, KV Anand is smart enough to pack all the suspense elements in the second half and we don’t want break the suspense, find out in big screen.

The core strength of Anegan is the ‘What next’ undercurrent in the movie. The writing is highly intelligent that the film is filled with a lot of tantalizing moments which keep us guessing till the climax. Of course, there is a pre-climax ‘reincarnation’ cliché which is a regular in any commercial movies but considering Tamil cinema standards, big kudos to KV Anand-Suresh-Suba trio for coming up with something out of the box and they almost adapted and executed it in an engaging commercial cinema format.

The film benefits from its strong casting. Dhanush struts confidently in four different get-up and he has proved once again that he is a rock star. Be it the uber cool Ashwin , innocent Murugappa , majestic Ilamaran (for a song) or the massy ‘Danga Maari’ Kaali, the actor proves that he is one of most versatile actors of Tamil cinema. The scene where he imitates Karthik is a scream.

Not surprisingly, it’s Amyra Dastur who is the best thing in the film, sliding into the part with complete ease. She’s natural and charming without having to try too hard. Rarely do heroines get ample scope in commercial cinema but this Bollywood import innocent face and infectious energy are a big plus and the actress is sure to stay here for a long time.

Veteran actor Karthik is the surprise element in movie and he saves all his experience for the pre-climax powerful performance. Jagan, a regular in all Anand films is in charge of comedy. Lena in a small role shines.

Technically the film is brilliant. The exquisite and lush visuals of Om Prakash stands out and looks like the director’s third eye while Antony has done a commendable job with his racy cuts. Production designer Vairamuthu has given an authentic feel to the Burma episode especially inside the ship and Vayasarpadi of the late 80’s.

Harris Jayaraj has scored full marks and has made a fantastic comeback with excellent songs and background score. The melodious ‘Athadi Athadi..’ where he has used Burmese instruments and voice of Bhavatharini, Tippu, Dhanush & Abhay Jodhpur is in sync with the picturisation. Harris has excelled in the ‘Kuthu’ song ‘Danga Maari...’ , which has a mass feel to it and a sure chartbuster. Overall, Anegan is an exhilarating and intelligent commercial cinema which will satisfy both masses and classes alike. This brave film oozes the kind of sincerity that you long for in most Tamil films. Like heady wine, it delivers a welcome kick.

Go for it, it guarantees entertainment.

Verdict: Good

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