Anjali Menon defends 'Manjadikkuru'

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 03, 2013 13:01 hrs

 Anjali Menon, who won the Kerala state award for the best scriptwriter has stated that the controversies that are spreading now are baseless. She says that censor board issued the certificate for the film only last year.
There have been allegations that Manjadikkuru was given for certification in 2007 and was resubmitted in 2012. As a result many believe that submitting the film for this year's awards was not ethical.
"It is true that the film was given for censoring in 2007 but only the video output was given then. However as per the rules, the censor board only accepted films with at least one print. Due to issues between the producers the film got delayed and it was finally censored in May last year, with a 'revised' tag, which was removed after an appeal to the National Censor Board", says Anjali. 

Can this explanation satisfy her critics? Watch this space

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