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Anna Bond review

Anna Bond
Puneet Raj Kumar, Priyamani, Nidhi Subbaiah, Jackie Shroff
Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar
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Puneet Raj Kumar and Priyamani starrer Anna Bond directed by Suri was released on Tuesday.

Puneet and director Suri had struck gold with their previous film Jackie. Despite a large number of Puneet fans waiting to see this film at the earliest, Anna Bond fails to meet the expectations.

Coming to the positive elements of the film, it is Puneet and Puneet alone who shoulders the responsibility through his magical performance as Bond Ravi who leads a double life as Anna Bond who wipes out the hardened criminals at ease. Action and dance sequences have always been his USP and he proves this again with this film.

The last two action sequences in the second half is mind blowing. His natural dialogue delivery is another strong point. The song picturisations are a visual treat though they abruptly break into these. The entire second half of the film sucks, while the first half is passable because of Rangayana Raghu`s timing.

Another reason for the major disappointment is that the film fails to build a believable story line and a credible screenplay. The focus of the film is on showcasing the rich production values in the form of well choreographed songs and action sequences. There is nothing in the story and even some of the sequences in the film remind us of City of Gods, True Lies and Blood Diamond.

The city witnesses many hardened criminals beaten to pulp by an unknown Anna Bond. As is usually the case, a film director announces on television that he is planning to make a movie on this mysterious Anna Bond.

Immediately he is kidnapped by Ravi Bond and his accomplice. While in hiding, the director gets curious about Ravi Bond who reveals the truth about him and his love to Meera. He also reveals how he tries to save Meera`s father a military officer from his colleague who later becomes an arms dealer.

How Ravi Bond takes on the king pin of the international gang and marries his lover forms the rest of the story. Puneet Raj Kumar has performed his role with ease and shows his prowess in the song and dance sequences. Priyamani has many sequences to display her talent, but she also ends up doing a better job in the song sequences.

Nidhi Subbaiah has little to perform, but is good in a few sequences. Jackie Shroff as the villain is a letdown.

Sathya Hegde`s brilliant cinematography and Ravi Varma`s action sequences are to be appreciated. Hari Krishna has done a good job in providing good background score.

Shashidhara Adapa`s art work is good, while Deepu has done a better job as an editor. Despite its negative points and a weak script, Anna Bond is saved by Puneet`s performance. Watch it once for Puneet.

Rating: Two and a half stars.


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