`Anniyan`-Facts and figures!

Last Updated: Sun, Jun 26, 2005 12:55 hrs

A smear campaign has been unleashed in Tamilnadu by certain vested interests against Anniyan, saying that it is a flop! On the contrary, the film is doing extraordinary business worldwide!

In Chennai city the film has grossed over Rs 1 crore in the first week, a new record. From Sathyam cinema alone it has grossed nearly Rs 27 Lakhs in the first week a new city record and second week advance booking has been sold out till Monday night!

In Coimbatore city, the film has taken a net of Rs 41 Lakhs in the first week from four screens, again a city record. In Salem area from 10 prints it has grossed Rs 71 Lakhs.Says Ambikapathy of Balasubramaniam theatre, Tiruvannamalai a B centre: “Who said Anniyan is average? It is super hit and has done twice the business done by any Tamil film in recent times”.

And outside Tamilnadu in Andhra it is a blockbuster and has taken a share of Rs 1.27 Crore from Nizam area alone. In Kerala from 35 screens it has made approximately done Rs 60 Lakhs in the first week, a share better than a Malayalam superstar film! And in Karnataka it has taken Rs 50 Lakhs as share. In Mumbai from three screens it has netted nearly Rs 10 Lakhs and overseas it is a super hit!

Still some people in Tamilnadu are saying that it is a flop. Says Producer Oscar Ravichandran “My answer to these doubting people is that Anniyan has grossed approximately Rs 10.2 Crore from Tamilnadu alone in the first week. There will always be flop talk associated with any big film in the first week mainly out of jealousy”.

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