`Anniyan` piggybacks on `Chandramukhi`

Last Updated: Thu, May 12, 2005 04:51 hrs

The biggest beneficiary of Chandramukhi turning out to be a mega blockbuster is ‘Oscar’ Ravichandran and his Anniyan. The Shankar directed magunum opus is the hottest film in Tamil film circuit.

Actually Chandramukhi has opened up new vistas for Tamil film trade. About six months back people were saying that it is impossible for Tamil film to garner Rs 25 Crore upward, but Rajnikanth proved them wrong as Chandramukhi is poised to make Rs 45- 50 Crore worldwide!

Let us take an area like Coimbatore territory which the trade thought could never do business more than Rs 2 Crore, but Chandramukhi is tipped to do Rs 3 Crore plus. Rememeber that Tirupachi was purchased for Rs 1 Crore for the same area. It did better business than Ghillli and has crossed the Rs 2 Crore figure!

Today the market rumour is that Anniyan has been sold to a Chennai financier for Rs 2.5 Crore for distribution in Coimbatore area! The same person has also picked up Vijay’s under production film Sivakasi for Rs 1.90 Crore. The trend in the trade is that - If Chandramukhi can do ‘X’ amount of business then other big films can do equally good. It is a ridiculous assumption as Vijay and Vikram put together will not match Rajnikanth’s all prevailing charisma.

The buzz in the trade is that Anniyan is being delayed as the producer wants to cash on the craze for the film, especially after its trailer in theatres is getting good applause. A prominent theatre in NSC area is willing to give Rs 21 Lakhs as MG, an amount higher than what they given to the Rajni film. The US rights of Anniyan is rumoured to be on par with Chandramukhi even though Vikram does not have a market there.

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