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Anupama Chopra: I think SRK is done with Raj-Rahul

Source : COLUMNS
Last Updated: Tue, Jul 31, 2007 11:30 hrs


There’s so much we all know about Shahrukh Khan. But when one reads noted journalist Anupama Chopra’s soon-to-be-released book: King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema, one comes to know that there’s so much we all don’t know about one of the biggest Asian stars ever. We caught up with Chopra who reviews films for India Today and NDTV 24/7 and found her in a talkative mood. We bring you the first part of a detailed interview with her as she talks about Shahrukh’s parents, why she is a sucker for the Raj-Rahul brand of cinema and what makes SRK a promiscuous brand endorser.

How will you describe your forthcoming book, King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and the seductive world of Indian Cinema? Will you call it a biography?
No, I have always resisted calling it a biography though I suppose that’s the label it’s being given everywhere. It’s more an attempt to look at Hindi cinema and at India through the life and work of Shahrukh Khan. He is in the foreground but I wanted to paint the picture of the film industry. It’s not just him. There are many narratives that are woven through his main narrative. He is the main plot but then there are lots of sub plots.

But when I read the book, it also comes out as a commentary on the socio-political and economic changes in the country over a span of sixty seventy years.
Sure. We wanted to give a context for his rise and why he connects so perfectly with the new shining India. How this new shining India has then evolved and Bollywood has evolved along with that and how Shahrukh is the face of a lot of this evolution. So, that was the grand attempt and I hope I have managed it somehow (laughs).

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