Arai Enn 305il Kadavul

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 19 April 2008

Movie Title

Arai Enn 305il Kadavul



Star Cast

Prakash Raj, Santhanam, Ganja Karuppu,

Yeh dil maange more. But these are hard times. A lot was riding on Chimbudevan after Shankar's S.Productions Imsai Arasaan 23am Pulikesi , a satirical comedy which turned out to be a trendsetter. The producer- director combination's latest Arai Enn 305il Kadavul , unfortunately puts you into the snooze mode.

It's nowhere in the league of the director's debut film. Chimbudevan's forte is comedy told in a tongue in cheek satirical way. 305 lacks comedy and one liner's, instead the director has made it sentimental and preachy.

The main lead of Santhanam and Kanja Karuppu just does not have the screen presence or the comic timing of Vadivel. The biggest drawback of the film is that it doesn't just unfold quickly. Before interval itself it puts you to sleep, and is too long nearly three hours.

Two unemployed youths Rasu (Santhanam) and Mokku (Kanja Karuppu) occupy room number 305 at the Karupiah mansion in Chennai's Triplicane area. They are the butt of ridicule for other guests at the mansion like a government employee (Thalaivasal Vijay), an atheist librarian(Rajesh), a scientific professor(Madan Bob), a middle aged unemployed man (Ilavarassu). Rasu is hopelessly in love with Madhi (Madhumita), who does not respond to his overtures. The trouble is they do not have money nor permanent jobs. The mansion manager (M.S Bhaskar) throws them out and they are virtually on the streets.

Tired of being abused by everybody and the way life has been miserable for them, they vent their frustration on God and finally in desperation call out to him. Suddenly God (Prakash Raj) appears and claims he can make things far better for them. God offers a challenge and chance to better their present condition with the provision that they cannot tell anyone he is God and not interfere with anyone's free will. Our God calls himself Arnold, and tries to spread the message of love in the mansion. However one day Rasu and Mokku steal God's "Galaxy box" with which he controls the world, and go their way to have a good time. Poor God without the galaxy box, he does not have supernatural powers!

The film is heavily inspired from Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey's character is done by Santhanam and Kanja together, while Morgan Freeman's God is played by Prakash Raj (appears here in the same white attire!). A lot of messages told by the Gandhiji character to Sanjay Dutt in Lage Raho Munnabhai, is also incorporated.

The basic plot of the film is love for fellow human beings is the greatest thing and it will triumph over the craving for material gains and greed for money.

Prakash Raj as God is terrific and the only silver lining in otherwise a film where all the other actors are a bit over the top. The music of Vidyasagar is soothing with Aavaram Poovukkum?, being the pick of the lot.

It is too melodramatic, mushy and slow, needs urgent trimming. Let us hope that Chimbudevan gets a better script where he will play to his strengths, next time around.

Verdict: Average

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