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Monday 20 September 2004

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Arjun, Lara Dutta, Raghuvaran, Vivek

Despite the integrity of purpose and a lawyer trying to stop its release, a lot was expected out of Arjun's Arasatchi,but frankly it leaves one cold. It is a half-baked rehash of the late 70?s Charles Bronson vigilante movie Deathwish and its many sequels. Many Indian version of this film have already been made in the 80?s and 90?s.

So here is the zillionth cyclostyled copy of a dark and dreary movie plot. Meet Siddharth (Arjun) a polished gentleman who works as a General Manager of a five- Star Hotel, who occasionally romances with the owner's daughter Lara (Lara Dutta) when he is not murdering criminal lawyers who appears for the scum of the society-Goondas, corrupt politicians and other anti socials!

The criminal lawyers he murders are the stereotypes- (Anandraj,Devan) who he feels have saved the criminals by manufacturing evidence and using the loopholes in the law. One day an army officer (Nassar) hot on his heels finds out that Siddharth is the guy who is on a killing spree of criminal lawyers who defended the bad guys.

Siddharth in a long-drawn out flash back gives the oddest reasons and justification for turning vigilante. His father (K.Vasu) was an upright and honest judge who was brutally murdered by a small time thug and contractor Muthupandi(Rajan.P.Dev) in the presence of his mother and sister. His mother also died in the attack while his sister escaped. It happened in a crowded train but a smart criminal lawyer (Devan) helps the goonda guys to go scot free.

Since then Siddharth has become obsessed to provide ?instant justice? to lawyers who argue and win cases of criminals. One day a lawyer from Delhi (Raguvaran) comes to defend a rapist, as criminal lawyers in Chennai are scared to take up the case. He turns out to be the husband of his long lost sister! And finally and most importantly the Delhi lawyer finds out that Siddharth is the vigilante which leads to a predictable climax.

Director Maharajan completely skewers the brain with his expositions (or the lack of it) on criminal laws and the lawyers. Lacking a coherent screenplay, Arjun commits murders and break into song and dance in European locations with Lara Dutta at regular intervals! Harris Jayaraj has also rehashed some of his earlier tunes.

Arjun does his usual song and fights convincingly while Lara Dutta is too loud and is there only for glamour and songs. The film looks out-dated as it has been years in the making.


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