Are Shah Rukh and Priyanka getting married?

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 16, 2013 09:55 hrs

The rumours have been fanned to life again. And now wedding bells have been added to all the talk.

'Informed sources' everywhere claim that Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra's 'love story' is taking a serious turn - towards the happily ever after.

They claim Shah Rukh reportedly told his friends that, just like he came to Mumbai from Delhi decades ago with nothing to his name, he is willing to start over again with nothing if it means he can get Priyanka.

Absurd? Crazy? Demented? We say yes to all three.

The first we heard of the SRK-PC talk was way back when the two were shooting for Don 2. Gossips claimed they were more than 'just friends'. 

Reportedly, Gauri was upset, star wives (friends of Gauri's) were throwing hissy fits, and Karan Johar even took to Twitter to 'put Priyanka in her place'.

Squeaky clean SRK had had the first muddy blob thrown on his reputation, and it looked like it was refusing to get washed off! 

However, constant denial of any hanky panky, and the two stars staying away from each other, had managed to shut up the busybodies.

Then a party and a stage show lost SRK and PC all that ground they'd so painstakingly gained.

At Mukesh Ambani's party at the Antilia, Priyanka and Shah Rukh were spotted taking a stroll in the garden. Soon, news came in that the two reportedly had a fight, with SRK asking PC not to 'touch' him or 'follow' him. Juicy news, indeed!

Then, at the Colors Screen Awards, Shah Rukh and Priyanka did a skit on stage. And they capped off the act with a 'kiss'. Ok, so it was on the cheek, but we still thought: what the heck?

Rumours began raining thick and fast after two were spotted coming out of SRK's office at 3 a.m. recently.

So we guess it was only a matter of time before talk about SRK and PC planning to take their 'relationship' a step further cropped up.

Will Shah Rukh, who has always prided himself on his steady family life, jeopardise things so? We don't think so. Or at least, we hope he doesn't.

But whatever happens, we'll keep you posted!

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