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Shahuraj Shindhe
Darshan, Meera Chopra, Ananthnag, Urvashi, Suman, Sanjana
Jayanna Films
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Dashing hero, the challenging star Darshan has not deviated from the formula of his previous films of this year 'Gaja' and 'Indhra'. The box office collection of the two films has made him to go in the same route with another mass action masala in Arjun. The same old bashing up of opponents with a dose of sentiment the film ends on the usual note Dushta Shikshana.

Arjun (Darshan) is an affluent Assistant commissioner of Police. His father Jayasimharaja (Ananthnag) wants his son not to bend down on any day at any given point of time. Arjun is trained in Kungu Fu, Karate and Kick boxing. He has the body of steel and that makes him to steal the show in the action scenes.

He has four opponents – Suman, Amit, Ajay and Sharat. How to put down their empire and nefarious activities is the agenda of ACP Arjun. His policy in police department is to 'Tell and Then Kill'. The efficient way of Arjun in restoring crime free city is the hall mark of this film.

In the process he loses his fond father and fiancé.

The cop uniform suits superb the tall and handsome Darshan. His style, dance and punching dialogues are a treat to his fans. Meera Chopra has nothing much to do. Sanjana comes in an item song is pretty good on screen. Ananthnag as the rich father and Urvashi as Darshan's mother are very fine. The stunts in this film – 100th film of action director Ravi Verma is chilling.

V.Harikrishna gives three lovely tunes and all of them keeping the image of Darshan. Cinematography by PKH Das is very pleasant. The handling of chase and action scenes is effectively focused on screen. There are some tricks to give kicking moments to Darshan fans tried for the first time.

Darshan fans is sure to lap up this mass action masla

Verdict – Average


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