`Aroma` Mani's big gamble

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 03, 2004 05:28 hrs

Leading producer and distributor, Aroma Mani has shocked the trade by releasing his Mohanlal-Sobhana starrer Mambazhakalam on November 4, ten days before Ramzan which falls on November 14.

The pre-Ramzan period is traditionally a bad time to release a film when theatre attendance is at an all time low as Muslims in Malabar area abstain from seeing films during their noyambu period.

Mambazhakalam is Aroma Movies 52 film and his last two films with Mohanlal- Balettan (Onam-2003) and Natturajavu (Onam 2004) have been super hits. But it is for the first time that a producer has taken the risk to release the film during the Ramzan period.

Says Aroma Mani: “There is no opposition from any language to Mambazhakalam for a week which ensures that the film will get a good opening inspite of Ramzan. After a week, a lot of big Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films will hit the screens and now I can avoid a clash with them”.

Mambazhakalam is releasing in 41 screens in Kerala and Mani has got a written agreement from theatres that they will not remove the film from their theatres even if collections are poor during the Ramzan period and run the film for minimum 25 days from the day of release.