Ashok Kumar's suicide, loan sharks and Kollywood: Ajith, Lingusamy, and Gautham were affected by Anbu Chezhiyan

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 22, 2017 14:48 hrs

Ashok Kumar, co-producer of noted producer-actor Sasikumar’s Company Productions, who is also his close relative committed suicide at his Valasaravakkam residence on Tuesday. In his suicide note, Ashok Kumar said that all the films of Company Productions were released on time but the only sin they committed was borrowing money from financier Anbu Chezhiyan (known as Madurai Anbu)

Ashok mentioned that Anbu threatened him saying that he would kidnap women and elderly people from his family. "I only had two option left, either to commit suicide or commit murder", mentioned Ashok Kumar. Based on the suicide note, Sasikumar filed a complaint at Valasaravakkam police station. Meanwhile, Tamil Film Producers Council President Vishal has reacted to this sad incident. All filmy function which were planned today, remains cancelled.

It is worth mentioning here that Sasikumar’s Kodiveeran is slated to release on November 30 but the film mired on financial issues.

"Devastated to hear the sad demise of a Dear Friend, Ashok Kumar who sacrificed his life succumbing to the pressure created by Financiers. I truly wish that this will be the last Sacrifice in the name of Financial burden. Suicide is not a solution & I hereby request Producers to reach out to us if they face such threats from Financiers, we will be more than happy to help them out.It's time, we put an end to such Financiers who harass producers & conduct kattapanjayathu. We wish all Producers stay united and work towards the welfare of each one of us. I request the Police to take stringent action and bring justice to the innocent's death & also consider this as a Murder & not Suicide.This is a direct warning to all Financiers, like-minded people & so called federations who extort money, more than the stipulated interest & to the People who harass honest Producers & family members. It is high time, all you people who have been conducting Kangaroo Courts time and again to stop harassing Producers, it's time for U all to Run, since this death will be the last death and it will be an example to bring out all atrocities that's been happening in the Tamil film Industry.We as Producers will stand united and put an end to this come what may", said Vishal in his statement, he also called himself as another affected producer.

Finally, Vishal mentioned Anbu Chezhiyan's name!

Though Tamil Film Producers Council’s President Vishal issued a statement against the cruelty that happened to producer Ashok Kumar, he didn’t mention financier Anbu Chezhiyan’s name.

Directors like Suseenthiran openly asked Vishal to mention Anbu Chezhiyan’s name while some of the netizens said that the Thupparivalan actor is not mentioning the financier's name because of his personal relationship with the man. One should note that Abu Chezhiyan is the producer of Vishal’s Marudhu and he also funded the actor in various projects. However, now Vishal has come out clean and registered a bold statement against Anbu Chezhiyan on Twitter. “Wat Anbuchezhian has done in Ashok Kumar's case is very wrong. Absolutely not fair; totally condemn it.We are all here including me to pay back our loans. We are not going to run away. We will work hard and pay our loans. No more arm twisting”, tweeted Vishal.

Suseenthiran: Ajith, Lingusamy, and Gautham were affected by Anbu Chezhiyan

Suseenthiran has come with a shocking statement, the Naan Mahan Alla director said: “Ashok's brother’s death should be the last one in Tamil cinema. At this moment, I would like to reveal a shocking information to fans. During Naan Kadavul issue, Anbu Chezhiyan pushed Ajith sir to a similar situation”.

It was rumored that Bala threatened Ajith with the help of Anbu Chezhiyan and ensured the exit of the actor from Naan Kadavul. Though Ajith had every right to register a complaint against Bala and the film’s producer, financier Anbu Chezhiyan silenced the actor.

“Directors Gautham Menon, Lingusamy and nearly 75% of the producers were affected by Anbu Chezhiyan, who also instructs and pressurizes Imman regarding films, the composer should agree”, added Suseenthiran.

Suseenthiran also requested Central Government and Income Tax department to raid in Anbu Chezhiyan’s properties.

Siddharth: Farmer or filmmaker, suicide is a curse

Actor Siddharth is the latest one to comment on the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar, cousin of Sasikumar. “Very painful to hear of a young man's death because of financial pressure. Tamil Cinema is full of such debt, but all the world sees are the lies of success and fame. The entire system needs an overhaul. Farmer or filmmaker, suicide is a curse. Condolences to Sasikumar and family”, posted Siddharth on Twitter.

CV Kumar, a popular producer said that people who are responsible for the death of Ashok Kumar should be punished in front of Justice.

Meanwhile, director Ameer says that powerful bodies including Tamil Film Producers Council and distributors association should together file a complaint against Anbu Chezhiyan under IPC 302 (Punishment for murder). “Even now, if we are not going to take any steps to change the industry, please shut it down”, says Ameer.

Gautham Menon: Ashok, I know your death would control the heartless money demon but...

Popular Tamil film director and producer Gautham Vasudev Menon has posted a condolence message on Ashok Kumar’s demise. “Ashok, I know that your death would control the heartless money demon but we all wish that you should’ve lead this protest alive”, posted Gautham Vasudev Menon on Twitter.

Ashok Kumar has written an 8 page letter describing in detail about how he's been paying interest to Anbu Chezhiyan for the past 7 years. Many directors and producers mourned the demise of Ashok Kumar, they also voiced out against the cruel financiers in the industry.

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