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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 3 February 2008

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Star Cast

Prem, Anushri, Pooja Bharathy, Rajiv, Livingston, Anandaraj

For actor and director Prem an NRI, it is a hobby to make Tamil films at frequent intervals. After Krodham, Prem is back for the fourth time as hero with his new actioner Ashoka.

This time writer, director, producer and hero Prem plays an NSG commando chief Ashoka looking after the security of the Prime Minister of the country. The film begins with Ashoka barely managing to save the life of the PM at the Coimbatore airport from a terrorist ambush.

Ashoka saves the PM, as the doctor later say- "the PM has survived, as he has his heart on the right side which is a rare phenomenon!!!!" The rest of the film is how Ashoka foils more terrorist attempts on the PM's life as he is recovering at the hospital.

Prem has made a film without songs and a separate comedy track, and depended purely on well choreographed action scenes. But why bring stale 'mother sentiments' between Prem and his screen mother Uma Padmanabhan with a weird ill-fitting make-up?

Reghuvaran mumbles as a stereotyped Muslim villain mouthing pro-Paki dialogues, Anusri and Pooja Bharathi are the glam girls while Naveen as villain looks menacing.

Unfortunately Ashoka is not a great experience and drags.

Verdict: Average

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