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Monday 16 April 2007

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Star Cast

Jayasurya, Kavya Madhavan, Master Devan, Jagathi, Pakru

Vinayan has cooked up another unbelievable yarn with Athisayan which defies all logic and is a hotch potch of various films. At best it provides some fun for the kids, however the graphic work in the film is tacky, making it difficult to watch the long drawn out climax scenes.

Maya (Kavya Madhavan) is an investigative journalist working for New India television. She is also a social crusader and a runs an orphanage for destitute children at her home. Her boss Radha Ramanan (Mukesh) has an eye on her, but she is fiercely independent. Her neighbour is a renowned international scientist Sekharan (Jackie Shroff) who is working on the theory of invincibility. One of the mischievous boys in her orphanage Devan (Master Devan) drinks a green potion made by Sekharan, and he becomes invisible!

Meanwhile Maya is kidnapped by some bad guys led by the unscrupulous businessmen Nassar (Devan), and two corrupt ministers- Divakaran (Rajan.P.Dev) and Younus Kunju (Ramu). Maya with the support of the district collector Anita Williams (Karthika) had carried out a sting operation using spy cams, revealing their nefarious activities. The same guys had earlier framed-up her boy friend and cameraman Roy (Jayasurya) in a trumped up murder charge and is now in the jail.

The baddies want Maya to give back the CD of what she had shot using spy cams before it is telecast. The invisible Devan comes to her rescue, but in an accident he loses his power and turns into a giant and wrecks havoc on the baddies!! Obviously Vinayan has helped himself to Mr India and Ang Lee's Hulk and woven a story around it. A battalion of comedians and kids provide some relief. Master Devan's ability to play his characters wit and melancholy keeps the film going.

Verdict: Run of the mill