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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 28 January 2005

Movie Title



R. Jayaprakash

Star Cast

Mohan Kumar, Ramana,Rekha,Ragini

Writer, director and producer R. Jayaprakash?s heart is in the right place but his techniques and narration is not impressive in Ayodhya. Even though Jayaprakash sets out to make a movie on Hindu-Muslim amity to spread communal harmony, he ends up making a distasteful film.

Ayodhyapuram is a peaceful hamlet in Tamilnadu where Hindus and Muslims live like one family. Hussain (Livingston) and Sundaram Pillai (Charan Raj) are thick friends and in fact it was Hussain and his wife Jameela (Sharanya) who conduct the marriage of Pillai to Seeta (Seeta). The local temple lands are leased out to Muslim traders and everybody loves each other. A scheming Sabapathy (Manivannan) is ?unhappy? about this great communal harmony in the village and hence sows seeds of dissension between the two communities. Soon Hussain and Pillai fall out but their wives remain best friends and Seeta exchanges her new born child with Jameela?s still born infant at the time of delivery!

Many years later the animosity between the two communities continue till Hussain?s son Ameer (Mohan Kumar) falls in love with a Hindu girl (Rekha) and Seeta?s son Shankar (Ramana) is crazy about a Muslim girl (Ragini)! The youngsters try to reunite the two warring communities as Sabapathy plans once again to spoil the atmosphere with his deceptions.

Surely a film with a message to spread communal harmony needs more sensitive treatment. New guy Mohan Kumar as hero Ameer needs vast improvement in acting, dancing or dialogue delivery. Ramana does his usual jig well. Among the new heroines Rekha Unnikrishnan is impressive as the Hindu girl. Sabesh Murali?s tunes are rehashed old Deva tunes with some inane lyrics like Dolphin Meena ? (Paa Vijay) and Orange Mazhai? (Naa Muthu Kumar) picturised in Ireland.

The comedy track of Mayilsamy and Chitti Babu makes you grimace in discomfort. Such ventures may pretend to be message films to spread communal harmony but they end up making a mockery of it.

Verdict: Stay Away!

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