Ayudham Seivom

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 30 June 2008

Movie Title

Ayudham Seivom



Star Cast

Sundar .C, Anjali, Vivek, Napoleon, Nazer, Vijayakumar

One of the biggest influence in Indian cinema has been the ?Munnabhai' phenomenon along with the concept of 'Gandhism', in commercial potboilers. The larger-than-life, action hero turning into a Gandhian following the principals of the 'Mahatma' and theory of 'Ahimsa'.

Udhayan's Sundar.C mass masala Ayudham Seivom follows this principal. It is fun to watch till interval, but after that the director loses his plot and the film fizzles out leaving you disappointed.

Like in his earlier film Sundar.C is a rowdy character called Saidai Sathya, who does 'goonda giri' for the rich and powerful. His partner who acts as the buffoon is Vivek as traffic constable Kandasamy, but soon they are dragged to the court by a crusading lawyer Udayamoorthy (Vijayakumar).

The court passes strictures against the habitual offenders and to reform them they are sent to Gandhi Museum in Madurai.

Sathya and Kanthasamy are tamed to a certain extent by the attitude of the caretaker (Nasser) of the Gandhi Museum. Sathya also falls in love with Meenakshi (Anjali), a college student.

The caretaker is convinced that they have turned over a new leaf and discharges them. They go back to Chennai and soon a corrupt ex-MLA VBR (Manivanan), asks Sathya to get incriminating documents showing his involvement in the murder of a Collector (Sukanya), in the hands of Udayamoorthy.

In a melee when Sathya tries to get the documents, Udayamoorthy is accidentally killed. The government appoints his brother Encounter Ezhimalai (Nepolean) to investigate.

Soon due to prick of his conscience Sathya gives himself up and tells Ezhimalai the truth and they turn against the real villains. Sathya influenced by the Gandhian teachings goes on a fast in front of the Gandhi statue in a market place to get justice.

The film drags big time in the second half. All commercial ingredients like action, crass comedy, glamour- heroine's towel dropping act while the hero who has entered into her room peeps from under the bed!

The famous 'Khaike paan Benares wale.." (Amitabh's 'Don') song has been lifted by Srikanth Deva and picturised on Sundar and item girl Vindhya.

Malavika makes a brief appearance while Sundar- Vivek provides great fun as a comedy pair. Anjali has hardly anything to do while Nassar, Manivannan and Nepolean are presented as caricatures.

Like all Sundar C films, this one is also strictly aimed at the B & C audiences. It could have been far better if Udhayan had tried to explore the unknown instead of going through the same beaten track.

Verdict- Average

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