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Saturday 15 January 2005

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Sarath Kumar, Napolean, Lakshmi, Nayantara, Vadivelu

First thing first, Hari?s Ayya is perfect family fare! Sarath Kumar is brilliant in his dual role as father and son. The director?s ability to weave together a family drama set in rural milieu in a typical Sooraj Bharjatya style with no villains, vulgarity, and crude commercial elements is commendable. However the plot does lapse into predictability sometimes, with an extremely manipulated climax where everyone is nice and the only bad man turning a new leaf with the hero?s lecture!

Ayyadurai (Sarath Kumar) and Madaswamy (Napolean) are close friends who control 10 towns and villages in and around Ambasamudram, Tenkasi maintaining peace and communal harmony. Ayyadurai is an MLA and sort of a God to the people of the place as he treats them as an extension of his own family consisting of wife Kalyani (Lakshmi) and only son Chelladurai (Sarath Kumar).Their only enemy is Karuppusamy (Prakash Raj) son of a corrupt MLA whom Ayyadurai had accidentally killed years back during a famine after he tried to smuggle rice.

Karuppuswamy?s only aim in life is to eliminate Ayyadurai and become the local MLA but all his attempts are thwarted by Chelladurai who saves his father at the right time. Chelladurai is also a do-gooder and an ideal son who lives for his parents and villagers. Selvi (Nayantara) is Madaswamy?s daughter who has a silent admiration towards Chelladurai that slowly turns into love. Both the families agree for the wedding but Karuppuswamy intervenes and stops the wedding and thereby sowing seeds of enemity between Ayyadurai and Madaswamy.

The rest of the film is all about the father and son trying to bring back peace between both the families and also changing Karuppuswamy into a Good Samaritan in a totally non-violent manner. The message that Hari conveys through his protagonist- ?We have the right only to advice and it is up to God to make the punishment?. At a time when heroes of Tamil cinema take law into their hands this message is loud and clear.

The Ayya character has been etched out of Kamaraj, the Lion of Virudhanagar, one of the finest politician and do-gooder of Tamilnadu. It is Sarath Kumar eighth dual role but Ayya will remain his career best. He comes alive and captures the zest and passion called for by the script. Be it his flawless soft dialogue delivery, body language and the voice modulation he is astounding. No two ways about it, Sarath Kumar is the soul of Ayya.

All the others in the supporting cast like Napoloean, Lakshmi, Rohini are brilliant. Prakash Raj as Karuppuswamy reworks his Ghilli role while Nayantara has made a sensational debut in Tamil. She looks pretty and confident and is sure to go places. Priyan?s camera has etched the lush greenery of Ambasamudram with all its hills and meadows. Bharadwaj?s melodious music is an added attraction in the film especially the ?Oru Vaartha Solla? and other numbers.

Though Hari tends to be preachy at times, he has packaged the film with essential commercial ingredients like Vadivel?s comedy track where the plight of a running a C-class theatre owner is brought out effectively. Added to that, the romantic bits between a minor girl and a man in his early 30?s are brought out well. Another highlight is the bonding between the father and son is told in a subtle manner.

Verdict: Clean Family Entertainer

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