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Bandla Ganesh
Kajal Agarwal, Navadeep, Siddharth, Suhasini
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An international crime syndicate is headed by Saadhu Bhai (Kelly Dorji) in Macau. His trusted aide Ranjan`s (Mukesh Rishi) son Baadshah (NTR) is a very ambitious guy. He challenges the Don`s position and becomes his nemesis.

One day, he learns that the don is planning to plant bombs in major cities in India. Baadshah comes up with a plan to foil the don`s evil intentions and he changes his getup and is now on a mission. Here he meets Janaki (Kajal Agarwal), an interior designer with whom he falls in love.

But who is Baadshah? Why a member in crime syndicate is on a mission to foil a don`s plans is what the movie is all about.

Baadshah is the first film in the combination of Young Tiger NTR and director Srinu Vaitla. This is Srinu Vaitla`s immediate film after the blockbuster Dookudu. Probably the director wanted to repeat the same magic, he just used the same template of Dookudu for this film.

Laced with some good comedy scenes, and great one-liners, Baadshah runs on the outline of Dookudu screenplay with the story taken from the Hollywood movie, The Departed.

What works in the film are its comedy portions. In the first half of the movie, the episodes between NTR and 'Banthi' Janaki provide some good laughs. Post interval, it is Brahmanandam who drives the movie. In fact, the director has completely focused on the sidetrack of Brahmi than the story in the second half.

Comedy is director Srinu Vaitla`s strength. He has proved it again in this film. He and writer Kona Venkat have penned some hilarious dialogues. But the story and screenplay is so hollow and very predictable. You feel you are watching Dookudu again.

NTR`s look, his high-energetic dances, comedy episodes, and a medley of Sr NTR songs in the second half works well in this predictable movie. If not for the comedy, the film falls flat.

After a long gap, NTR looks quite different in this movie. He has gone for a complete makeover. His character has two shades and in both parts, he carries them with great panache. His dances are a treat to watch. He has completely surrendered to the demands of script/director and delivered his best.

We get to see the other side of Kajal Agarwal, the actress. She has done comedy very well here. Her philosophy of life comparing it with a `banthi` (Ball) is really funny. She delivers it with aplomb and her chemistry with NTR is superb. She looks glamorous too.

Handsome hero Siddharth makes a brief but important appearance in a crucial scene. Siddhu should be applauded for agreeing to be part of a big hero`s film for a brief character. Mahesh Babu has lent his voice and narrates some scenes. Navadeep has played negative character. He carries off the role very well.

Brahmananandam makes late entry into the film but he livens up the movie after his arrival. He has played the role of Pilli Padmanabha Sinha, son-in-law of a police officer (Nasser). Latter part of the movie drives on his comedy and his antics. After NTR and Kajal Agarwal, he occupies in major chunk of the film.

As Revenge Nageshwara Rao, M S Narayana provides laughs too. His character is spoof on maverick director Ram Gopal Varma and some other directors like Rajamouli or Boyapati but it is in cheap taste. Suhasini appears as NTR`s mother and Mukesh Rishi as his father. Kelly Dorjee plays the main villain. In addition, it has huge ensemble cast of known actors all appear in inconsequential roles.

On the technical front, the first credit should be given to dialogue writers - Kona Venkat and the director himself. Gopi Mohan and Kona have written the script. Cinematography is decent although four cinematographers have worked for the film. K V Guhan is credited as director of photography.

Music by S S Taman is pretty ordinary. Except `Sairo Sairo` and title track, rest of the songs are mediocre and background score is very loud. Fights by Vijay are not effective. The film has rich production values. Director Srinu Vaitla falters big time. Director Srinu Vaitla has beeen unable to weave Dookudu magic in Baadshah though both the films have a striking resemblance.

Baadshah definitely offers some entertainment. It has plenty of good comedy dialogues and Brahmanandam`s comedy episode is a major highlight. NTR looks damn good too. But sadly, apart from these, the movie goes more or less on Dookudu format, which gives the feeling of deja vu. Baadshah can be called an average movie.

Rating: 3.25/5


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