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Sudeep, Parul Yadav, Bhavana Menon, Jagapathi Babu, Tulip Joshi
V Harikrishna
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Sudeepís most-awaited movie of the year, Bachchan, not only keeps the audience at the edge of their seats, but has redefined the movie-making style, as far as Kannada movies are concerned.

Though the movie has a complex plot, Bachchan, by many leagues, is superior to any recent Kannada movie in terms of production quality, technical aspects and making.

The movie has a multi-dimensional story, where we are exposed to Sudeep in three different timelines and plots. In the three different plots, he romances three women Ė Parul Yadav, Bhavana Menon and Tulip Joshi. In the first plot, Parul happens to be Sudeepís personal assistant, but with a liking for the boss (Sudeep), who is into realty business. Some deal goes awry because of a cop (Ashish Vidyarthi) and another conman This leads to Parul Yadav committing suicide (but there is some suspense element).

In the second plot, Sudeep is in search of a lady (Bhavana Menon) in the mining terrain of Bellary district. In the third plot, he is associated with Tulip Joshi. In the process, the protagonist is also shown to have committed two murders. To unravel these unconnected deaths and Sudeepís involvement, a senior police officer (Jagapathi Babu) walks in. Eventually, it turns out that Sudeep is out an on a revenge mission. There are enough reasons for the protagonist to behave like the Ďangry young maní.

Bachchan was portrayed to be a romantic movie, but it is more of a romantic thriller. Sudeep comes out on the top with his brilliant performance, both in acting and in action sequences. When it comes to action movies, it could be one of Sudeepís best. The super star had put his heart and soul into the project and the results are visible. Director Shashank has done a neat job with the plot and sub-plots though they are confusing initially. He seems to have drawn inspiration from a few Telugu movies.

The three leading ladies of Bachchan sizzle on the screen. Parul Yadav in fact throws up a surprise in the plot. Bhavana and Tulip have also done justice to their roles. But Jagapathi Babu looks like he is part of the star cast because Bachchan is being released in Telugu as well. The only drawback of this entertaining movie is the music and background score. Harikrishna seems to have not attached much importance to the music. On the whole, it is a perfect launch for Ugadi.

Verdict: Good


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