Bhargava Charitham Moonam Khandam

By Moviebuzz

Thursday 24 August 2006

Movie Title

Bharagavacharitham Moonam Khandam


Joe Mon

Star Cast

Mammootty, Sreenivasan, Sai Kumar, Rehman

Mammootty?s Sreenivasan written Bhargava Charitham Moonam Khandam (BCMK) promised to be different but 30 minutes into the film, it all comes crashing down. The title itself is a misnomer as only Sreenivasan knows what it means? All the vital elements of a good comedy film are unfortunately missing and the script is totally confusing.

?BCMK? is supposed to be a black comedy which means- a serious subject dealt in a humourous manner. But the film which starts off as a comedy peters out into a typical commercial masala with our hero beating the daylights out of the bad guy in the climax. Alas, there is nothing new for the audience.

The plot is inspired from Harrold Ramis directed classic black comedy Analyze This (1999) with Robert De Niro playing a mafia don who due to frequent bouts of anxiety attacks gets treated by a famous psychiatrist enacted by the great comedy actor Billy Crystal. In our ?Mallu? version, Sreenivasan?s script simply lacks the heart, characterisation and humour of the original.

Current Bhargavan (Mammootty) is a dreaded underworld don of Kochi who wears designer leather jackets, boots and even has a hat and is accompanied by long haired funny looking goons (Johnny & Mohanraj) speaking volumes of their master?s dare devilry. But our poor don suffers from anxiety attacks and just cannot lift the gun nor beat up anyone! Bhargavan decides to help himself by seeking psychiatric help from Dr Santharam (Sreenivasan) a megalomaniac who has framed pictures of him shaking hands with George Bush in his clinic!

However the shrink is not willing to help as he is scared of Bhargavan and also thinks that the don is a ruthless, uneducated uncouth and tries to escape from his clutches which leads to lot of troubles and a merry-go-round. Meanwhile Bhargavan who has lot of enemies are after his blood including the kingpin of all nefarious activities (Sai Kumar).

The film would have been a rocking entertainer if the director and the scriptwriter had stuck to the original. Why did they have two ladies Padmapriya and Nikhita who have nothing to do in the script? Sreenivasan has more number of scenes than Mammootty and he looks old and haggard and his expressions are predictable and stale. The only scene in which he scores and brings laughter is when he becomes the human cannon ball in a circus troupe. Mammootty looks disinterested in the proceedings. On the plus side, Manoj Pillai?s camera has beautifully etched out Athirapally locales.

Verdict: Disappointing