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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 29 October 2001

Movie Title



Suresh Vinu

Star Cast

Jagadish, Aathira

By Moviebiz

It is supposed to be a fun and frolic comedy. But Bharthavudyogam is like slipping on banana skin type of comedy.

Bharthavudyogam tells us the story of Unnikrishnan (Jagadish) and Umadevi (Aathira) and the problems in their marital life. They come to the city from a village, when Umadevi gets the job of a bank clerk. Unnikrishnan is yet to get a job and he is on the look out for the same. They move into a house in a colony where their neighbours are Pratapan Nair (Cochin Haneefa) and Sulochana (Ponnamma Babu).

Uma Devi?s branch manager Reji Menon (Sidique) is a strict officer and he likes Umadevi?s efficiency and hard work. In the meantime, at home Unnikrishnan is yet to get a decent job and naturally the household chores and looking after their son falls on him. Due to constant instigations by his neighbour friends, he starts suspecting that Uma is having an affair with Reji Menon.

How Unnikrishnan and his wife sort out their problems and live happily forms the rest of this stale story. Jagadesh and Aathira have done their respective roles well. The others in the cast are Jagathy, Cochin Hanefa, Siddique Bindu Panicker, Salim Kumar, Poornima try to enact comedy.

P.Suresh Kumar?s story and script falls flat and the direction by Suresh Vinu is nothing much to talk about. M.Jaya Chandran tunes the songs written by Ramesan Nair.

Verdict: Avoidable

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