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Bharya Athra Pora

Bharya Athra Pora
Akku Akbar
Jayaram, Gopika
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Some of the “seasoned” filmmakers in Malayalam seem to be addicted to certain silly prejudices. For them, husbands should dominate in homes, women are to be weepy eyed, youngsters are always careless and brash, Internet is all about sleaze and fake profiles and so on.

Director Akku Akbar and scenarist K Gireesh Kumar have teamed up to underline all these conventional thoughts. In a rehash of their past hit, Bharya Athra Pora, they just make certain small comedy skits and join them into a feature film. And it has been called Bharya Athra Pora.

Sathyanathan (Jayaram) is a negligent teacher with a love for the bottle and a careless husband who prefers to spend most of his time with a group of friends. His long suffering wife Priya (Gopika) and their young son are worried about Sathyanathan's wayward lifestyle. Things go from bad to worse, as he explores new possibilities, with the help of some young friends.

In Veruthe Oru Bharya, after some genuinely relatable issues that happens in most homes in the first half, the couple's daughter brings in trouble in the next session. Here the pattern is the same, except that it is the boy who creates the tension.

Akku and Gireesh have tried every trick in the book to remind the viewers that this one is in the same mold as their earlier hit. So it comes with no surprise that the lead pair of Jayaram and Gopika has been repeated as well. Jibu Jacob's visuals are fine but Shyam Dharman's music jars big time and the background score reaches irritating levels at times.

Jayaram tries a bit too hard and in the end, he ends up being really loud. He is delivering his dialogues at the top of his voice and makes his character look like a caricature, which is not entirely the mood of the film. Gopika looks pretty but has nothing much to do.

Molly Kannamaly, who has been excellent in films like Puthiya Theerangal, Annayum Resoolum and Amen, tests your patience with her overacting.

Perhaps this is a pointer towards the film's problems as well. The overuse of available resources has spoiled the whole party.

Bharya Athra Pora may be fine in parts of those addicts of TV tearjerkers or the cheap comedy skits. For the rest of the viewers, this could be a sheer waste of time. Now decide on which side are you in!

Verdict: Lowbrow comedy


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