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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 24 September 2003

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Ranjit, Devayani, Siddique, Riyaz Khan

By Moviebuzz

Bheeshmar is a morbid and regressive tale of a police officer who has to fight against a corrupt system. This genre has been beaten to death in half a dozen Hindi films like Shool and the recent Ajay Devgan starrer Gangagal .

Ranjit has perpetuated so many stereotypes in this flick. A doormat wife, loving over-smart kid, corrupt policemen including the Assistant Commissioner who runs the force as his personal fiefdom, a local MP who is a thug and his brother a rapist! The fatal flaw in the film is the screenplay, which is screeching and at times tries to be a third rate tearjerker.

Bheeshmar (Ranjit) is the new police circle Inspector at a police station in Chennai. All his colleagues and superiors are corrupt and are hand-in-glow with anti-social elements. His love for khaki and uprightness is above his love for wife Gauri (Devayani) and Pappathi, his six-year-old daughter. Bheeshmar tries to take on the system controlled by the Assistant Commissioner Singam Puli (Malayalam TV actor Sadique) and RK, the local MP, but fails. He is branded a killer and even his own wife find that something is mentally wrong with him. Later Gauri donates (sells) her kidney to get him out on bail. But by the time his dreams of cleansing the system turns into a nightmare.

Ranjit as the angry police officer and loser is loud and overacts most of the time. The so-sweet Devayani once again plays goody-goody wife role with ease. Siddique and Rami Reddy as the politician?s ham. Bheeshmar fails to capture the ethos and drama of a corrupt police force as most of the scenes have been seen half a dozen police stories before. Added to this the censors have butchered the film and in most of the scenes dialogue cuts make the film jarring.

Verdict: Stale police story

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