Bhoot Returns trailer: Please don't come back for part three

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 11, 2012 12:41 hrs

Ram Gopal Varma follows up on his horror flick Bhoot, released back in 2003, with the sequel called Bhoot Returns. The trailer was released recently on Youtube, giving us a chance to see how Bollywood has progressed in the horror genre in nine years.

Not much by the looks of it. The trailer opens with footage from a security camera showing a little girl playing on the couch with an unclear form, which might be just a glitch in the video or a very playful ghost.

The similarities with Paranormal Activity  are evident, though that film had the protagonist recording everything on his new camera. We aren't shown why exactly a security camera is installed in the living room. Perhaps they requested the services of paranormal investigators? Desi Ghostbusters? Now that would be fun.

The trailer moves on with cookie cutter scenes reminding one of old horror films while a child sings the lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in the background.

The viewer is dozing off when suddenly a pair of eyes appears! He has seen these eyes before in his youth. Who could it be, he wonders and then it hits him. It's Manisha Koirala! She has returned to Bollywood after so many years.

Very well then. Manisha is in this film. That's quite a scary thought. Let's see what other scares Bhoot Returns has to offer.

There's a smiling child, bed sheets being pulled away mysteriously, mysterious knocking on the door at an ungodly hour, screams trying to be blood curdling, the same child again Eastwooding to an empty swing in the park until it is revealed that there might be an imaginary friend called Shabboo who might be not so imaginary.

Well, at least as un-imaginary as a spirit can get.

Then we're told that this is a story of a mother scared of her own daughter and a father who has to take a horrific decision. By now the viewer has lost interest and has started checking out related videos.

Bhoot Returns will release in cinemas on October 12 this year.

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