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Bidalare Endoo Ninna

Bidalare Endoo Ninna
Umesh Badaradinni
Naveen Krishna, Swathi, Sadhu Kokila, Raju Talikote
Babu Master
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Bidalare Endoo Ninna is Naveen Krishna’s final attempt for survival in Sandalwood. Despite being the son of the legendry actor Srinivasamurthy, Naveen Krishna is struggling to find a foothold in the Kannada film industry. The actor had vowed to take a bow from Sandalwood if Bidalare Endoo Ninna failed at the BO. We have to wait for the actor’s verdict because the response to the movie from the audience is mixed so far.

But Bidalare Endoo Ninna is unlikely to help Naveen Krishna is ensuring an extended stay in Sandalwood. For the horror movie has nothing new though Naveen Krishna has given his best. The protagonist checks into a forest guest house managed by a mysterious person. His daughter is mentally challenged. The protagonist has to solve several mysteries before ascertaining the truth. But alas! The theme has been so often repeated that Bidalare Endoo Ninna appears like a rerun of such movies.

At no point does the movie succeed in scaring the audience, eventually giving the impression of a B grade horror movie. The director has botched up the screenplay, background score and the dialogue, none complementing each other. There are too many screams in the movie, again at the wrong time. The camera work too is below the mark, at times reminding of TV horror shows.

Naveen Krishna could have selected a better project for survival. But the fact that there have been hardly any horror movies in Sandalwood in the recent past could work in his favour. The female lead, Swathi, whose character is the focal point of the story, fails to emote. She appears wooden faced in most of the scenes. The only saving grace is comedy star Sadhu Kokila, who through, his unique screen presence, keeps the story alive. Music by Babu Master does not go well for a horror movie. Bidalare Endoo Ninna can certainly be a forgettable film of 2013.

Verdict: Below Average


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