Bigg Boss 2: Fans criticize Nani over favourite contestant remark

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 05, 2018 15:09 hrs
Bigg Boss 2

Bigg Boss 2 is back in controversy once again. This time the allegation is that Nani is being partial towards Geetha Madhuri and Tanish. The co-participants are not happy about this nor are the fans outside the house. Suddenly they feel that they are wasting their precious time, as the show is already rigged. Why ask them to vote when the winner is already decided?

Nani has responded to this allegation and he says that this is the last time that he will give an explanation.

He wrote, "Logged in to share something nice with all of you and I saw few of ur replies regarding BB .. the team believes that I need not reply but how can I not :) So here’s my last and only reply regarding the show."

Nani said that everyone has a favourite. For him, all are the same. He does not have a say in who stays and who goes. Nani added that the best one will win. His conscience is clear and all these allegations do not affect him. In fact, all these things bring out the best in him, he said.