Bigg Boss Oracle: Who'll be out next?

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 09, 2017 11:55 hrs
Bigg Boss

Now that Oviya and Julie are out, who do you think is likely to leave the Bigg Boss house next? Here are our probables:

Even before his shocking revelation that he kissed Oviya twice, the housemates were a tad miffed by his yo-yo-ing attitude with her. As a result, he has already been nominated for next week's elimination. Now the truth of his betrayal reeled out expertly by Kamal Haasan over the weekend, is bound to draw battle lines. We already saw an aghast Ganesh when Aarav was forced to tell the truth. We can't wait to see the reactions of the others over the coming week. Maybe the audience will mirror the same.

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With Gayatri having shown some remorse and heart in her interactions with Oviya the few hours before the latter exited, it is Shakthi who is now sticking out like a sore thumb. More like a sore loser. His refusal to acknowledge his wrongs and his giant ego have rubbed everyone the wrong way including those in the house. He better watch his back. For those that disapprove of him are growing in number.

Will the housemates forget all their lessons and go back to being petty? Will Ganesh's love for eggs become the sore point once again? Will his appetite overshadow even Aarav's missteps? We sure hope not. As that would be a step backwards after all the heartfelt retrospection post Oviya's exit.

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Who do you think will be booted out of the Bigg Boss house this upcoming weekend? Leave your verdict in the comments below.

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