Bigg Boss: Oviya back to normal life, Kamal becomes a powerful Nattamai, Julie evicted

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 07, 2017 10:06 hrs
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Well, there can’t be better entertainment and drama than Bigg Boss (Tamil) during weekends. To be honest, the reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan which opened with negative reviews has become hot. People strongly suggested the actor shouldn’t have accepted the offer in the first place as fans would only want him on the big screen.

But now Kamal has proven everyone wrong, he is indeed the perfect Bigg Boss, a powerful Nattamai. When Raiza said, Shakthi and Gayathri are influential people in the industry, Kamal with his trademark wit replied..”Hmm… I’m yet to hear their influence”.

The way he subtly roasted Gayathri (for using bad language) and Sakthi Vasu, the way he projected the tender human side of Snehan and Raiza only earned him thunderous applause among the millions of viewers across the globe.

Kamal’s boldness is well known, he openly criticized Bigg Boss show’s idea of projecting mentally challenged people as jokers.

“In my films, mentally challenged people are only shown as heroes. I never used them for comedy”, said Kamal in his majestic voice. While interacting with Oviya, who chose to move out of the house, Kamal explained that over a period of time, both love (romance) and affection will amalgamate in life. Even audiences tried their best to convince Oviya that she made a wrong choice by loving Aarav but the actress said “I still love you Aarav, you are my backbone. Come back soon”.

Kamal interrupted “This is the best part of the current generation. They accept us with our flaws and goodness. They tried to convince you, after knowing your stance, they accepted your decision, this wouldn’t have happened before forty years”. While leaving the show, Oviya said “For all the unconditional love people shown on me,  I don’t have any plans right now but will definitely reciprocate in some way”

As doctors suggested Oviya should be out of Bigg Boss, the actress made the decision to opt out of the show. After her exit, Oviya’s pics with fans are circulating on Twitter as she is said to have visited shopping malls to relax from the stress she underwent in the show.

Kamal also made Aarav to confess what he really did to Oviya. Aarav sheepishly accepted “I gave a medical kiss to Oviya. It would have affected her” and shocked the other fellow constants, who believed him and accused only Oviya for her weird actions in the last few episodes.

Another surprising twist in the last episode of Bigg Boss is the eviction of the Jallikattu girl Julie. When Kamal asked her rate the fellow contestants on her love calculator, she didn’t mention Oviya and Harathi’s name. But Kamal showed her a video edit, where all those contestants mentioned by Julie had gossiped about her. Kamal pointed out Julie’s flaw “I love people who can act well” and the crowd erupted. Ulaganayagan expressed his disappointment on Julie saying as a commoner, she should have stopped Bharani when he tried to jump outside Bigg Boss house. “Staying united doesn’t mean you should be on the majority’s side”, said Kamal.

Now with Oviya and Julie’s exit, the two crowd pulling contestants of Bigg Boss, let’s see how the show is going to attract viewers in coming weeks…

-Rajasekar S

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