Bigg Boss Tamil Interview: Insider details from NSK Ramya

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 27, 2018 16:47 hrs
NSK ramya

NSK Ramya, easily the most likeable person on Season 2 talked to us of the Bigg Boss experience right from having cameras tailing her 24/7 to the Ponnambalam controversy. She also lets us in on where she crafts her super cool look. Read on to find out!

How does it feel to be back in the outside world?
I’m really happy. I kind of felt I was jailed at different points. So I’m really happy to come back and see my people.

Is your family following the show?
Of course! I’m not following the show. But they are.

What did your family have to say about the show now that you’re back home?
Only thing they told me was that they are really happy that I came out before the huge fights started. My mum knows that I can’t survive that. She was like “Thank God, you’re out! Did you see what’s happening in there?!”

What was the one thing you missed most while inside the Bigg Boss house?
My phone. And sleep.

Describe the sensation of having the camera trained on you 24/7.
Initially it was quite difficult. We were very conscious at least the first few days. I’m not a person who acts. So I am camera conscious. And I had to get used to it. But after a week we were like, ‘we don’t care.’

I think in the first week itself I cried. That was something that I did not want to do on the show. I didn’t want to cry and show that side of me. But it happened. I couldn’t handle the problems and I did cry. After that I was like ‘You know what, I’ve done this. So I don’t care anymore.’ Post that I don’t think I was camera conscious. That was until I said something and then realised the camera must’ve caught it.

This Season we have seen the eviction of Mamathi, Nithya and yourself. 3 strong, independent, opinionated women. The same traits the audience admired in Season 1 contestant Oviya. Do you think Season 2’s audience have regressed? Or could there be another reason?
I don’t think so at all. See, right after I came out I realised that I have such big support from the audience. It’s just that probably, I personally feel, they want drama. And I was a person who used to try and stop fights. I used to be this neutral person. A few of my friends actually told me when I came out that I was not seen in the first two weeks at all. You know. So I was boring. [Laughs]

So it could be the content. Even in Nithya’s case, she gave a lot of content during fights. But once she sobered down, she didn’t do much (content). Even though she did stand for the right things and I really appreciate her for that.

So it’s the lack of masala.
See, if you want people to notice you, you need to do something. And I don’t think I did enough for people to notice me and say I need support. Comparatively.

Tamil Culture features prominently on the weekend episodes. So far we have heard only a male contestant’s point of view on this topic. What’s your take on it?
See, even when we were inside we were talking about this. Throughout the week there is nothing about Tamil culture. He (Ponnambalam) doesn’t come and advice or anything like that. So I asked him, “you’re saying so much but have you ever even told them once?” He actually hasn’t told them (Yashika and Aishwarya) at all. That is what we found out. The first week he started talking about Tamil culture and he saw a lot of response from the crowd. The crowd liked it. So he probably thought it works and he started doing it every week.

So what is Tamil Culture according to you?
See, when you say Tamil culture I don’t believe that it’s restricted to Chennai. It goes to the rural areas. What I’m trying to say is this show is being watched from every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu. And so obviously people wouldn’t understand the way they (Yashika and Aishwarya) dress up. It has to be modest for a show at least. You do it outside, no one’s going to judge you. But for the show I think you need to dress modestly. The only thing I had a problem with was with the way he (Ponnambalam) said it.

Name one thing the cameras have been unable to detect in the Bigg Boss house.
Only the bathrooms.

But was there any undercurrent or vibe that we audience didn’t pick up?
No, nothing at all. Because you have cameras everywhere! Except for the toilets and bathrooms. And you even have speakers there.

So what’s next? What projects do you have lined up? Which movies will we be hearing you in?
Right now, no idea. I’ve only started getting calls. This (interviews) is all I’ve been doing.

Your favourite band/singer?
I love Adele

What have you got on a loop right now?
You won’t believe, I haven’t heard good music at all yet. Because every day at the Bigg Boss house it was all kuthu songs. And I don’t enjoy them so much, you know. I like listening to something softer be it in English or Tamil. I remember me singing so many kuthu songs on the show because that was the only thing I was hearing there. So I need to start listening to music now. I haven’t had the time to.

And lastly, where do you get your hair done?
At PLSH Salon on GN Chetty Road. My stylist is Biswajit. I like to go loud, you know, when I do my styling. And he is someone I trust with my hair.

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