Bigg Boss: The many revelations after Oviya's exit

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 09, 2017 11:56 hrs

From dull dance-less mornings, the secret Oviyan in the house to the shocker exposed by Aarav, here's what we've learnt in the vacuum left by Oviya.

Fast to love, slow to forget
Quite like the Queen of Bigg Boss herself, Oviyans have been quick to love. Rustled up to critical mass within 40 days, it's going to take longer to disband OviyaArmy. No longer will there be dance-filled mornings marked by Oviya's joy de vivre. Unless she reappears as a Wild Card. Fingers crossed! Until then, Oviyans are bound to be walking around with their hearts on their sleeves. Moping.

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Wider acknowledgment of mental illness
There was nothing short of derision for the Bigg Boss production team's effort to get laughs at the expense of the mentally ill. Proof that this lame attempt at comedy didn't work, and that the audience has a more empathetic stance towards those affected, lies in Oviya's exit.

Host Kamal Haasan said what everyone was thinking - that the current generation is capable of accepting one even with their many flaws. While this may be exclusive to Oviya, the hope is that this seeps into all rungs of society and is the norm instead of the exception.

Oviya seeking help was lauded and pushed her up in stature even further in the eyes of her fans. We may not be at the stage of acceptance and inclusivity yet, but this episode has definitely brought on greater acknowledgment. And that's a step in the right direction.

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Bullying Unmasked
Snehan and Raiza's honest and heartfelt retrospection struck a chord. These two have come to realise how bullying works and how it's easy for even well-meaning individuals to get stuck in. Raiza especially pointed out the bullies or, to use their favourite word - trigger in the household. And we're glad she had the courage to do so. Will Snehan and Raiza get out of this rut for good? They seem determined not to go down that path once again.

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Gayatri on the mend
Hands down, it's Gayatri who was constantly butting heads with Oviya and verbally abusing her. So it was a welcome relief to see her change in attitude and the care she took while interacting with a distressed Oviya. Will she go back to her old ways? We hope not!

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Shakthi, the King of Me Me Me
How does Shakthi manage to make everything about himself and his ego? Even when Oviya left for medical reasons, the man was preoccupied with how she didn't turn to look back at them one last time. What's with the sentiment, dude? And that too, so late in the show.

Someone please tell him that not everything's about him. And especially not to play saviour. Yes, Snehan was upset that Oviya lashed out at him on her penultimate night on the show. But he's not complaining. So Shakthi, please stop being the spokesperson.

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Oviyan in the house!
Were we glad to see Bindu Madhavi enter the Bigg Boss house. Finally, a woman who understands Oviya and that too, a self-proclaimed fan! Now that Oviya is out, we hope she plays the role of watchdog to the bullying in the house.

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Aarav misled Oviya
The biggest revelation post Oviya's exit is that Aarav and Oviya shared a kiss. Twice! This changes everything.

We're disappointed that Aarav lied and led everyone including Oviya to believe that he gave 'no scope' for love, that they could be anything more than friends. At this point we're wondering if we should be furious at Aarav or the editing team for hiding a crucial detail. Was the production team worried about offending our sensitivities? Have we never seen a liplock in a Tamil movie before? Whatever the reason, it's an injustice to Oviya. To portray her as hyper-imaginative in this matter was wrong.

Aarav has difficult days ahead as the extent of his betrayal becomes evident to the housemates and the audience.

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