Bigg Boss: The Oviya somersault

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 07, 2017 14:14 hrs

Oviya's dedicated army of fans made sure she came out on top each week. She's also earned a soft corner with host Kamal Haasan, who despite Oviya's faults, has only kind words to say. Will all that change this weekend?

Shirker No.1
Yes, she's always been a bit of a shirker. But now, she's outright uncooperative. First, it started with her not sticking to the timing of her duties. Then, the quality of her work was poor. This led to constant conflict with her team members and the rest of the household. And on Day 39, she excluded herself from all teams by stating that she would do all that she required by herself. But clearly she has no understanding of what that means. For she refuses to clean up after herself. What's more, she gets into a quarrel if anyone dare reminds her to do so.

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Boy, is Oviya RUDE!
We've lost count of the number of times she's verbally stomped on Julie. While the latter may have been deserving, she is definitely on the road to redemption. But it isn't just Julie at the receiving end. Oviya is snarky with Raiza. She's making no effort to extend a hand of friendship to new contestant Bindu who came in as her fan. (We bet the newcomer is reconsidering her favourite housemate now.) She's even booed Ganesh, the only person who attempts to diffuse all her misunderstandings with the rest of the housemates. Not cool, Oviya.

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A Bad Sport
What we loved initially about Oviya was her 'take it light' attitude. That Oviya is long gone. In place, we have a curmudgeonly contestant who refuses to participate in tasks and that too at the cost of the weekly budget that would aid everybody. And when she does do a task, she has a way of encapsulating it in her meanness that it ceases to be a game anymore.

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What Comfort Zone?
Probably the biggest proponent of 'stepping out of the comfort zone' was Oviya. In the first four weeks she justified her nominations by the lack of effort contestants made to participate wholeheartedly. Now, we increasingly hear Oviya complain about how she can't do something because she isn't "comfortable". When did the rules change, Oviya?

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To hell with 'Family'
Namitha's bone to pick was that Oviya shamed her in front of the visiting Kabaddi team by stating that it's easy to be united with a family while the former was explaining how hard it is for different personalities to come together under one roof. We bet Namitha is having a good laugh now that it is evident for all to see how much of a team-player Oviya is. Not.

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Hollow Promises
Every week that Oviya has been nominated, Kamal Haasan has thrown a spotlight on her strengths and weaknesses. Every week she is grateful for the love of her fans. And every week she promises Kamal to cooperate with the Bigg Boss family. But to no avail. Kamal warned her not to get complacent with all the fan support. We don't think she heeded anything he said.

Queen Lovesick
What has been most distressing to watch is her interaction with contestant Aarav. Earlier, she randomly told him "I'm loving you". Poor man was stumped. Soon, that misconception was done and dusted with and she returned to being "just friends". But all of a sudden, that 'Love' has resurfaced.

Aarav has tried to diffuse the situation, explained that they are nothing more than friends. But Oviya's refusal to accept it and the actions it spurs is nothing short of harassment. She oscillates between understanding to denial to anger and pretending to role-play as a part of a Bigg Boss task. What on earth is going on?! No one knows.

Also, she's making us cringe with her idea of love and relationships. We could hardly believe our ears that this self-proclaimed "strong girl" loves men who avoid her. Ugh! Where's that self-esteem she was rattling off about last week?

There's a lot to be dealt with this weekend, Oviya. We hope you don't brush them under the carpet with your flirtations and giggles. If it's help you need, seek it.

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