Bigg Boss update: Oviya saved, Julie unmasked and Namitha eliminated

Last Updated: Mon, Jul 24, 2017 15:32 hrs
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Last week’s Bigg Boss was a roller-coaster ride, the show became really serious after the nine contestants turned against Oviya for her non-cooperation in daily errands in the house.

Everyone blamed that Oviya’s actions trigger people but when the Bigg Boss(Kamal) played a video, it was Julie, who manipulated other contestants. As soon as Kamal said ‘Oviya has been saved’, people in the show gave a thundering applause and the actress also got a resounding reception on social networking sites.

When Julie fell sick, Oviya consoled her but the former told other contestants that the latter gossiped about them. According to Julie, Oviya told that other people in the house think that she is acting to seek publicity and sympathy. But the video played by Kamal Haasan exposed Julie’s real face, she is the one who told Oviya that all consider her sickness as a staged drama.

After Julie spread hatred among other contestants on Oviya, things got ugly and they tried to corner her and even disturbed the actress in the night that she couldn’t sleep and went to the boy’s room to seek their support.

On Saturday’s show, Kamal clearly unmasked Julie’s real face. When Julie accepted that she has manipulative behavior, Kamal said “It's not manipulation, the right word is hallucination’, which hit her hard that she went on to become emotional.

Julie said that the Bigg Boss edited out Oviya’s footage and continued her blame game but other contestants in the house refused to accept her outcry.

On Sunday, Kamal Haasan announced the elimination for the week. Between Ganesh Venkatraman and Namitha, audiences chose the Billa actress and she said that the eviction was a huge relief.

While interacting with Kamal, Namitha termed Bigg Boss house as a big AC jail for which the actor satirically mentioned there is one more AC jail outside and took a dig at Sasikala’s alleged luxurious life style at the Bengaluru prison.

Namitha also predicted that Gayathri or Raiza would be eliminated in next week's show and her friend Snehan deserves to win the Bigg Boss title.

-Rajasekar S

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