Bigg Boss Week 5: Task Wishlist

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 09, 2017 11:57 hrs
Bigg Boss

First Aid!
Julie nearly drowned last week. And she was nowhere near the swimming pool.

While well-intentioned, water isn't always the answer when one is in physical distress. Especially when that person is lying horizontal or is unconscious. Nor is moving an injured person always a good thing.

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In Julie's case, she was carried like a rag doll while spasming in pain and placed awkwardly on the couch. Then, she was crowded over. She had water poured down her gullet from a wide-lipped bottle and not a tumbler or glass. She wasn't given a sip but more than she could handle that she nearly choked.

Sure, it wasn't anything serious. Thankfully. But it's time we learnt that it's simple mistakes like this that could mean all the difference between life and death.

Please, Bigg Boss. Please initiate an educational task on First Aid and iterate not only how one can help but especially what not to do in common scenarios. With this kind of viewership, we could all be saving lives.

Leadership Skills
Snehan has been the most proactive Captain in these past four weeks. Every one who has come after him have dealt with their position from a place of bias or favouritism.

With Gayathri, the accusation was that she's too proud to connect with all the contestants on the same plain. Ganesh has been ridiculed for concentrating only on the Kitchen Team. And Shakthi has got to be hands down the worst Captain in the house so far.

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Shakthi's decision to hand over the leadership of the Cleaning Team from Oviya to Gayathri was made in a haphazard manner. Furthermore, it wasn't communicated to all in the house and especially Oviya. He believes saying things aloud should suffice. Management fail, if you ask us.

Also, threatening to slap a fellow contestant is so not done. This is not the mark of a good Captain. His term may be over this week. But these glaring issues need to be addressed. There has to be feedback.

Now, who's up for some team-building and leadership games!

Scammer Alert! Crash Course on Bigg Boss Rules
This last week, Julie captured the imaginations of all the girls in the house by citing a rule that doesn't exist - "If all contestants are against one contestant that contestant gets evicted." This proved to be the rallying point for all those against Oviya.

Props to Julie for saying it with so much conviction that she almost had everybody eating out of her palm. Aside: This conviction ran off the rails this weekend to the delight of everyone watching when Kamal termed it 'hallucination'.

Please, Bigg Boss. Create a game or a quiz task or something based on the Rules of the House so that we know a scam when we see one.

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