Billa 2 stunt master praises Ajit!

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 18, 2012 08:47 hrs

Billa 2 starring Ajit is in the news these days and the record breaking hits on You Tube for the trailer are ample testimony of Thala 's popularity.

Now his foreign stunt master Kecha Khamphakdee who is the stunt coordinator of the Jaika Stunt team has nothing but praise for Ajit and his stunts. 

Says the renowned Thai stunt master, "The fights are special in Billa 2 due to the fact that you have such amazing talent performing the action. It's not possible to film good action without good performers and the actors in Billa 2 are definitely more than just good. They're fantastic. Obviously you have Ajith Kumar who brings great intensity and focus to all his work, especially the fights. His moves are very sharp and powerful. You also have Vidyut Jamwal who is very skilled in martial arts and acrobatics. We utilized a lot of his acrobatic abilities in the fights. In choreographing for both of them we were able to collaborate our ideas and bring out choreography that works well for each person and showcase their unique strengths. "

Praising Ajith he says "He is a very charming man. Very polite and respectful and very friendly to everyone on the sets. Our team has worked with him before so it was great to get the chance to work together again. He's willing to try almost anything as he is very skilled in various extreme sports. This made it easy for us to work together to design our fight scenes. What is also amazing is how he is able to move so sharp and powerfully. Definitely an honour to work with."
  We are sure fans just cant wait to see all of that talent on screen now !

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